Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kind of a Blah day....

Or at least it was until I was awarded the sexy blogger award (my first award!!) from the lovely Erin at Texan Couture. Her blog is SO cute so go and check it out if you haven't already!

Ok so with this award you have to list 5 things that are sexy about yourself

1. I'm tall 5'9" and (most of the time) I love it
2. I love my smile
3. I love to read and learn new things
4. I love my family and friends
5. I horseback ride (is that sexy? I don't know haha)

So now I'm going to pass this award along to:

Nothing else very exciting to report...the weather is kinda gross and overcast today, and I still have another class tonight at 7:15 which is so annoying. Did anyone see GG/OTH last night? I thought GG was pretty good I haven't really like the last couple episodes so last night was alot better. I LOVED OTH though and thought it was great! That's about it over here today... I hope everyone else is having a great Tuesday!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Update

So I only have time for a VERY quick post today... I have a HUGE test in my marketing class tomorrow which is my least favorite class so I need to start studying for that!!! Britney was AMAZING!!! She looks so good and really puts on a great show!! It was so entertaining and we all had a great time! Last night we had a party with Sig Ep at an Irish bar about an hour away. It was SO much fun and everyone wore green to get in the "Irish" spirt!! Unfortunately that's going to be it for today I'm off to the library to study so wish me luck! Tomorrow I'll have a MUCH longer recap plus pictures! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Sunday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Going to the CIRCUS

So very quick post today because in a couple hours I will be leaving to go see BRITNEY!!! I still love her and can't WAIT!! Need to go pack now (still haven't decided what I'm going to wear haha) so this is going to be all for today but I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So I just noticed that the time on my last post was WAY off by about five hours haha...does anyone know how to fix that? 

"It's Like We Have a Backstage Pass to the Mall..."

Does anyone remember what this quote is from? DUH its THE OC!! So earlier this afternoon I was watching The OC on SoapNet (I know I know kinda sad so please don't judge) and this is a line from one of my FAV episodes The Mallpisode. I probably have an unhealthy obsession with this show but it always brings me back to high school so that's probably one of the reasons I love watching it! Is there anyone else out there who loves this show as much as I do? Anyhoo today was a FABULOUS day mainly because I am done with classes for the week! I don't know why but this week has gone SOOO slowly so I'm so happy to be done. The day definitely got off to an interesting start however when TickledPINK and I woke up to no power this morning... what a great way to start the day :( Thankfully the power came back on about an hour later which gave us a perfect excuse to be alittle late for class haha! The rest of the day was not too exciting class, horseback riding practice etc and then I met my lovely sorority family for sushi and drinks! What a great way to end the day! Right now I'm with a bunch of the girls watching Grey's (which is finally getting good again) drinking wine, and having a lovely night! I hope all of you are having a lovely night as well!!

P.S~ Thank you THANK YOU to all who commented, and welcomed me to blogland yesterday! It was such a great welcome and I cannot wait to keep in touch with you all!

P.P S~ So it might be alittle early to unleash my inner geek to you all but I'm going to anyway... did anyone see LOST last night? How crazy was that ending?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hi and welcome to my new blog! I'm so excited to start blogging, and can't wait to post great things for everyone to see! I've been lurking around and reading various blogs for awhile so I thought that now would be a great time to "delurk" and get out there! I can't wait to start meeting a ton of new people so check back often for updates! Much much more tomorrow!!