Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain Rain...

GO AWAY! Ew it has been SO gross this week, and this rain has NOT been helping my very lazy mood that I've had lately. I'm done with all the work that I had this week and now I just have to get ready for FINALS that I have next week :( I just keep telling myself that in exactly one week I will be DONE...woohoo!! 

Tonight I have my last family dinner of the year. I am so sad that my big is graduating and I will miss her so much next year! Anyone else SO excited for the Lily Pulitzer/Kenneth Jay Lane/ CC Skye sales at RueLaLa tomorrow? I really really CAN'T buy anything right now but it never hurts to look right? ;) 

So that's about it...sorry I've been MIA on posting/commenting/basically all bloggy activities. I probably will have a post this weekend with pictures but then that's probably it until I'm done however I might post another Procrastination post or two! Good luck to everyone preparing/going through finals right now!

Monday, April 27, 2009

How SWEEP it is!!

Due to my very busy weekend and the fact that no station really broadcasts Red Sox games around here unless they are playing the Indians or the Reds I was unable to watch the series this weekend but after going on I cannot believe it...who steals home...Jacoby I love you!! Let's go Sox and beat the Indians!! (Apologies to M, other Indian fans who I know and love and all of you Yankee fans out there!) 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Under Pressure....

No I'm not talking about the Bowie/Queen song (although I LOVE that song and am humming it to myself right now haha) but about the fact that I have come to the realization that I cannot do any work of any kind unless I have an EXACT deadline that is rapidly approaching. Case in point: one of my good friends and sorority sister just called me to see if she could borrow my computer cord to use for the rest of the night because hers is broken. Even though I have had ALL DAY to work on this project that is due tomorrow, knowing that I will only have a couple hours until my computer dies has given me the motivation to finish this project [although I'm not doing a very good job since I'm blogging right now ;)] Bah....does anyone have any advice on how to work ahead instead of being a horrible procrastinator like me? 

Anyhoo in other news I had a FABULOUS weekend! A very long post (with pictures!) will be coming tomorrow but for tonight I wanted to go into a rant. I have come to the conclusion that people are RUDE and this fact makes me kinda sad. Two examples to back this up: 1.) My friends and I were standing at this bar on Friday night waiting to get served. One of my friends who was ahead of me stepped back to let me get through, and as I was stepping back to let them get by, this guy came out of NOWHERE (and I mean I think he literally ran from the entrance to the actual bar) and completely cut all of us! When my friends and I (politely) told him that his response was "that sucks"....RUDE!!! 2.) At the same bar (which has an outdoor patio) I was walking inside, and this guy smoking a cig in back of me flicks it and totally burns my foot. While I'm hopping up and down and trying to go back outside he turns to me and goes "Oh baby did I do that?" Ok so first off I don't know you and am definitely NOT your baby and second of all yes you did and it would be nice if you apologized...RUDE! 3.) (I just thought of one more incident) Last weekend my housemates and I threw a very informal "beer olympics" with many sorority sisters (including freshman girls who we don't know that well) coming over. Even though we didn't have many games we thought that everyone had a great time until one of my housemates saw that the the caption under a picture that a freshman girl took and posted on facebook said "most disorganized beer olympics ever" Um ok since when has it been ok to come to a house with people that you don't know very well and then criticize them??? RUDE! 

Whew rant is now over!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend with this beautiful (i think it was warm in most areas) weather!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Woohoo its FRIDAY!!! Today is the last fun weekend (next weekend will be spent studying/ of my Junior year and I am so excited!! Tonight all of us are going to be hanging out and then going to bars and tomorrow night is my sorority's formal!! I'm going with my friend J which will be so much fun and I can't wait!! Long update with pictures on Sunday/Monday!! Have a GREAT weekend!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Dreaming Of....


(This is a picture of Malletts Bay VT where I went to Summer Camp for MANY years and it always reminds me of summer)
Let's see..... only:
- 14 days (exactly!!)
- 1o classes
- 1 quiz
- 1 presentation
- 1 portfolio
- 4 finals 
TO GO!!! WooHoo almost there!!!

In other news.... has anyone see this picture?

Ummmmm WOW. I don't think there's anything else to say besides I CANNOT WAIT for New Moon!! 

P.S- Were any of you Boston ladies lucky enough to see Bruce Springsteen last night or Tuesday at the Garden (well I think its called T.D Banknorth now I can never keep it straight) I heard he was AMAZING!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


As I am sitting here trying to write a four page paper (I know not that long,) on the PETA website(I sure know how to pick exciting paper topics huh?) that has taken me 3.5 hours and counting because I have looked at every single random site that has ever existed on the internet, my mind has started to wander to one of my FAVORITE most awesomely bad movies every created...Grease 2. One of reasons Grease 2 is the best movie ever created is that it tries SO hard to be a great as the original Grease and yet fails entirely. The other reason is because of a fun musical number called Reproduction. If you  listen to this song once I promise that it will be stuck in your head all day! I now present for your viewing pleasure... Reproduction (sorry I don't know how to embed videos!) Does anyone else out there like/remember this movie? 
Have a great Sunday night!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Newest Addiction

So while I was being completely lazy this morning watching the Travel Channel and online window shopping (one of my favorite activities EVER!!) I stumbled across a new site called The Outnet which is Net-A-Porter's outlet site. Now I love Net-A-Porter but everything there is TRES expensive and is one of those sites that I love to look at but never buy anything. Now a lot of things on the Outnet are still really expensive but there are some really great deals on there. I LOVE these three Tibi dresses that I found on there

(mirage Linen Dress)

(Velodromo Shift Dress)

(Bateau Sweater Dress)

and this fun jacket and top from Marc by Marc Jacobs
(Bow-front camisole top)

(Aster reversible Jacket) cool its reversible!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Giveaway!!

Hey ladies! So I don't really have time for an actual post today (that will come tomorrow!) but I quickly wanted to let you know of a great giveaway that MRM is having! It's a Lily surprise and sounds fabulous so make sure to go over there to check it out! Have a great Tuesday night!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello Again!!

Hi everyone!! Ok ok so I have been a VERY bad blogger but this past week has been INSANE (both good and bad.) Work is getting to an all time crazy high (as I'm sure every other college student knows) but I was lucky enough to be able to go home this weekend which is SO nice. I'm writing this on my dad's laptop which I HATE using so I probably won't comment until Monday, but I wanted to let you all know of two exciting things that have happened this week.

The first is.....I got an internship for the summer!!! I have been looking FOREVER and internships are extremely hard to come by right now so I feel extremely blessed and lucky. The position sounds so's at a very small online marketing/pr firm, and because they don't have a lot of people they're going to put me straight to work. I'm going to be writing a TON (which is great because I love to write) and they're going to let me work on alot of projects so it sounds like such a great position. Even better is that it is only like 3 minutes from my house and all of the guys there are SUPER cute so it definitely will be a fun summer ;)

The other news which is MUCH more exciting (in my opinion at least haha) is that.... MY FAMILY GOT A PUPPY TODAY!!!! We had my first dog for about 13 years, and unfourtunately lost her in October. My mom had called the lady we got our first dog, Layla, from and asked if she was going have any puppies soon. The lady said that she wouldn't have any until October but she told my mom that she had a 1 year old puppy that she couldn't keep because she had too many (I think she had like 13 or something...crazy) and wanted to know if we would take him. Well OBVIOUSLY we said yes, and today we went and picked him up. Well girls let me tell you he is ADORABLE!!! I don't have any pictures right now but I will definitely post them on Monday. It is so nice to be relaxing at home tonight with my family and puppy, and I hope that everyone is having an amazing Easter weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Welp, they've done it....

It's official: I am sucked back into the Hills. I don't think I've watched the show since the middle of last season (which I think was back in the fall/winter) and I stopped watching because nothing was happening and I was kinda bored with it. Tonight, however, I decided to turn it on because I was reading my SUPER BORING public relations text book and I needed the distraction. Within the two minutes that it took Stephanie to invite Heidi (even though Stephanie lied about it to Lauren later) and them to show up late to the boat that they would be TRAPPED ON I knew it would be a good episode. 

One of my favorite parts was when Heidi told someone (totally forget who it was) that she had to get out of there...YOU ARE ON A BOAT!!! There's nowhere to go! I also loved the "reconciliation" between Lauren and Heidi at the end of the first episode when it was extremely clear to probably everyone except Heidi that they were both drunk and Lauren probably wouldn't be a very happy camper with the fact that she crashed her party the next morning. I did actually feel a little bad for Heidi though when she told here mom that she and Lauren were on the way to becoming friends again. Judging by the previews (which I won't share in case of ruining it for anyone) I will DEFINITELY be watching this season and I cannot wait!!


Woohoo it's officially opening day of the Sox and I am SO excited that baseball season has officially begun!!! I am not really a fan of any other sport, so while others were making their brackets and getting into March Madness I was counting down the days until baseball season and now its here!! I'm a little sad that I'm not home today so I'm bringing a bit of home to the OH today by wearing my Sox sweatshirt and hat today. I know that a lot of other teams have their opening days this week (I think the Cincinnati Reds is either today or tomorrow) so I wish you all (except Yankee fans...JUST KIDDING!!!) luck for a great baseball season!! Have a great Monday!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ame and Lulu

Ok so over the weekend I have fallen in love with Ame and Lulu bags. I've heard of them before when I was on Girly Twirly gifts (which is one of my fav websites EVER) but I really discovered them when I went to their website. Even though I already have WAY too many duffle bags, and bags in general I am slightly obsessed with all of their cute prints and patterns. Some of my fav are:


Both of the duffle bags are from last year's line which are now on sale (yay!) and the other prints are from this years line and also come in duffle bags, makeup bags etc. Hopefully these fun prints will brighten up your day...I don't know about anyone else but the weather's pretty gross here today and tomorrow it's supposed to SNOW (ew)!! I hope everyone had a very fun and relaxing weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goodbye ER

So tonight is the last episode of ER and I don't know about any of you but I am so sad about it! I haven't really watched alot since Dr. Carter left (he was my fav and I TOTALLY had a crush on him...still do haha) but I started watching these last couple episodes and I am so excited for the finale! I have to admit though (and this is slightly embarrassing) but watching this last episode makes me a smidge homesick. My mom got me hooked on the show when I was about 12 and we would always make it our thursday night tradition. 

I remember both of us completely bawling when Mark Greene died, (with my dad looking at us like we were crazy) and I also remember my mom being so mad at me when I was excited when Abby and Carter kissed at the end of the smallpox episode (she was always a Abby and Luka fan!)  Although my mom and I have made a date to have a long conversation on the phone tomorrow about the episode, a part of me wishes I was home with my mom tonight enjoying the end of ER together. I hope you all enjoy the episode!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm A Lucky Lady!

I just won the Kreativ Blogger award thanks to the lovely Southern Belle! I am so excited to have won my second award in two days...woohoo!!! 


Ok so here are 7 things that I love:
1. My amazing family
2. My housemates and all of my KD sisters
3. The Red Sox
4. Shopping
5. Anything monogrammed 
6. Anything Navy and Pink
7. TV (anything and everything I'm kind of an tv addict!!)

Here are the 7 lovely bloggers that I tag:
4. MRM

Just got back from BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) which was SO yummy but now I'm too full, and getting ready for a night of homework and LOST. Have a great night!!

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring and Happy April 1st everyone!! The weather is gorgeous here today, and after the gross weather yesterday everyone is in such a great mood! So a couple days ago I mentioned the Felix Ray bags at Target and today during class (which was SO boring today) I was looking
at them and found a bunch of really cute ones. Here are my favs:


I really want to go shopping ASAP but I'm trying to slow down my addiction so these may have to wait for a bit but still there's no harm in looking!!

So did anyone see the Real Housewives NY last night? Kell-amity indeed!!  Seriously though I have never ever seen anyone that crazy on reality tv... she is completely delusional. And I have never been a huge Bethany fan but after sitting there and taking the crazy that Kelly was throwing at her...good for her!! Can't wait for next week to see what other craziness is in store!! Hope everyone is having a good april fools day...did any pull a great prank today/had one pulled on them?