Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goodbye ER

So tonight is the last episode of ER and I don't know about any of you but I am so sad about it! I haven't really watched alot since Dr. Carter left (he was my fav and I TOTALLY had a crush on him...still do haha) but I started watching these last couple episodes and I am so excited for the finale! I have to admit though (and this is slightly embarrassing) but watching this last episode makes me a smidge homesick. My mom got me hooked on the show when I was about 12 and we would always make it our thursday night tradition. 

I remember both of us completely bawling when Mark Greene died, (with my dad looking at us like we were crazy) and I also remember my mom being so mad at me when I was excited when Abby and Carter kissed at the end of the smallpox episode (she was always a Abby and Luka fan!)  Although my mom and I have made a date to have a long conversation on the phone tomorrow about the episode, a part of me wishes I was home with my mom tonight enjoying the end of ER together. I hope you all enjoy the episode!!

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  1. i just started watching this season and i've watched on and off for the past few years but I'm so sad its ending :( But i definitely enjoyed the season finale and the little interview thing they did before the show aired!