Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Bags are packed I'm Ready to Go.....

I was going to do a MUCH longer post but because I have to get up in 5 hours and my flight leaves in 8, I'm going to end here. Off to Ottawa Beach MI for vacation with the family for a week...will be checking google reader but prob not posting so see you all in a week! Have a FAB weekend and a good upcoming week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Toot Toot Beep Beep

I have never been one to toot my own horn, but because I am just SO happy...BEEP BEEP. Today was my last day at my internship, so my boss and supervisor took me out to lunch (Papa Razzi...YUM!!) for a chat and mini performance review. Well it went SO well AND they offered me the opportunity to do paid freelance work (everythings online so I can do it even though I'll be away) for them during the school year! I am SOOO excited...I always thought I was doing a good job but I never even imagined that they would want me to continue during the year let alone pay me for it. To top everything off they also gave me this very sweet card that had a $50 Starbucks gift certificate in it....WAHOO!! I am SOO grateful for the amazing experience that I had this summer and can't wait to start back up again during the school year! 

In other news....did any of you watch The Daily Show last night? I watch it fairly regularly during the school year but have missed it for awhile. Last night I tuned in because Kevin Nealon from SNL and Weeds was on and I wanted to see it. Well I don't know if it was just me but I was DYING I was laughing so hard especially at this clip (for some reason it won't let me embed it...sorry!) 

I hope no one took offense...I loved MJ too but I have to admit all of the media coverage around him has been a little redic so this clip def made me laugh!! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheers to You Cheers to Me

I want to thank everyone for your sweet comments in my last two posts...I am feeling a little better so thanks! Now I'm calling on all of you for your help...this will be fun I swear! I don't know about you, but one of my favorite parts of vacation is drinking in the afternoon (or morning haha) without feeling totally guilty. On saturday I'm going on vacation to Michigan to see my entire extended family for a week. Now don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE my family to death but they can be a little, um, eccentric, or in other words they put the fun in dysfunctional! 

My parents and I (I'm an only child if you haven't figured that out by now!) are staying in a cottage with my very cool aunt, and over the years we've all figured out that the best way to enjoy our family is through the help of some fun drinks! I have my fair share of recipes but I want to ask all of you if you have any fun drink recipes you'd like to share...any and all would be appreciated! Thanks so much in advance and I hope I'm not the only one with interesting families out there! 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Boston Belle and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Weekend

Ok so I might be exaggerating just a teeny bit but why pass up the opportunity to reference one of my favorite kids books? The last time I posted I mentioned all of the fun things that I had hoped to do this past weekend including: having drinks and dinner with C and seeing Harry Potter on Friday, working/shopping at our towns sidewalk sales and having dinner and drinks with my manager (who I'm good friends with) T on Saturday, and going to Six Flags with T on Sunday. 

Welp instead of doing all of those fun things I spent the weekend on the couch feeling like crap and spending time with my friends Tylenol, Pepcid AC, Kleenex, Weeds, Grey's Anatomy, and Roswell (yes I def went old school with that last one...that was how bored I was and bonus points to any bloggers out there if you watched it too!) UGH I am SOOO freaking sad that I missed out on all my fun activities this weekend and generally enjoying this nice weather! I was starting to feel better yesterday so my family and I went to Rockport which was SO much fun and it was BEAUTIFUL! 

Today I played hooky from work and went to the doctor who gave me some stuff so hopefully I'll be feeling much better soon. I also went to Bloomingdales after the doctor which was fun and made me feel better...funny how shopping can do that! That's about it to report but I hope everyone had a great weekend and had alot more fun than I did.  Oh and before I forget how good was True Blood and Entourage last night?? Jessica has seriously become one of my fav characters on True Blood and Entourage just made me so happy especially when Vince and the boys were walking the red carpet to the song Dance Tonight. Hope you all enjoyed it too! 

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ugh. I woke up this morning feeling like complete crap and I can't decide if it's allergies or a cold (and I also haven't ruled out Swine Flu or Ebola but if you read my last post you'll know why!) but whatever it is it's NOT fun! Normally I wouldn't care so much but I have a BIG weekend planned with Harry Potter, margaritas, my town's BIG summer sidewalk sales and a trip to Six Flags so I will NOT be sick! To combat whatever this is I've decided to skip Jillian and am sitting on the couch being a bum and watching reruns of Lost....which is actually very nice and relaxing!

I have no idea what it is, but something about being a little under the weather while at home makes me act and feel like a complete five year again. I asked my mom about 5 times this morning if she thought it would be ok if I called in sick to work (she said absolutely not so off I went...grrrrr) and I asked my mom what I should take to get rid of my cough (how bout cough syrup...duh!) I seriously completely forget to take care of myself when I'm at home which is probably not that great but it is nice to have my mom around to ask her stupid questions! 

As I mentioned last night my Revas came in last night and they are AMAZING!! They are also slightly too big (I forgot that I wear and 8.5 instead of a 9 in revas) but for the price I got I really don't care. Without further ado here are the pictures (sorry for the bad quality I took them on my phone)

Yay I am so happy and I can't wait for my pink ones to come in too....I will def share pictures when those come! I think that's about it...nothing else really exciting happened today. I am SO happy that this week is over and I can't believe that I only have one more week in my internship until I'm this summer has FLOWN by! I don't know if I'll post anymore until sunday so if I don't I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A (Very Belated) Thank You!

I've been the worst blogger to not post this sooner but on Friday the lovely Shoshanna over at From L.A to LA gave me the Premium Meme 2009 Award...yay thank you SO much Shoshanna!!  The rules are: "To accept this award, the recipient must list 7 traits about myself and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog."

Ok so I'm really bad with coming up with ANYTHING let alone personality traits about myself but here I go:

1. I am WAY too nice for my own good and have problems standing up for myself sometimes...def need to work on that
2.  I LOVE meeting new people
3. I am the BIGGEST hypochondriac you will ever meet
4. I am also a HUGE procrastinator 
5. I'm not the neatest person in the world but like to think of it as "organized chaos" haha
6. I'm a complete and utter shopaholic 
7. I can't spell for this list alone I had to google a couple words to figure out how to spell them (I'm not saying which ones!)

WHEW that was hard....and I don't know if all of those count as personality traits but oh well that's the best I can do right now! Ok and so my 7 luck receivers are:

1. Nicole Marie at La Mia Vita
2. SunshineMeg at Float On
3. Whitney at Peace Love and Big
4. Gracie Beth at Preppy Southern Princess
5. Pinkriss at TickledPINK
7. College Prepster at College Prep (who is AMAZINGLY talented and has a fabulous giveaway going on right now!!)

Sorry this post is so late today...right when I got home from work I did level 2 of the shred (which I like ALOT more although it's still killing me haha) and my mom and I went to dinner with C (my bff) and her mom (my mom's bff) at The Cottage tonight which was so much fun and sooo delish! I am SO happy that it's wednesday which means that this week is almost over and can't WAIT for the weekend!! 

My other big news is that MY REVAS CAME TODAY!!!!! (pictures coming tomorrow) and I may or may not have (emphasis on may) won a pair of the Jelly Revas (which are cute but DEF not worth 95 however I got a REALLLLY good deal on them) on ebay tonight which I am so excited for so I will post pictures of those too when they come! Oh and I def need to stop my ebay addiction. So off to bed right now...I don't know what it is but I have a constant tickle in my throat and it's so annoying/making me tired! 

PS~ Last night my family went to see Away We Go with Mya Ruldoph and John Krazinski (sp?) from The Office, and it was great! Def go check it out!! 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Whoa Baby!

I decided to borrow a quote from the always brilliant (ha) Michelle Tanner to describe my feelings after "doing" (ie watching Jillian with my mouth open and saying Girl are you F-ing crazy?!) level 2 of the shred. WOW if that's level 2 I can't even begin to imagine level 3...I kept telling myself for a while that I should move on but I kept putting it off. Well today I felt kinda crappy all day (I think I'm starting to PMS) so I decided that since I was going to feel like absolute crap anyways what better time to move on! 

Some of the moves I REALLY liked about level 2 (also that Natalie got called out a lot...YES and the fact that it seemed to go by twice as fast) and other moves I could barely do but I have to admit, maybe it's just me, that because it was SOO hard, I felt alot stronger and felt I got a better workout in Level 1. Now I keep telling myself that I think this was how I felt in level 1 but I just didn't feel I got as great of a workout today because I kept having to pause for a sec (or ten haha) I still want to do level 2 but to ease myself into it I'm going to alternate level 1 and level 2 so I can still get a good workout while moving myself up at the same time. Hopefully this plan will work! What did you all think about level 2....was I the only one that thought some of it was absolutely crazy??

ETA: Obviously I LOVEEED True Blood last night and think it's getting better with each episode but what did you all think of Entourage last night? I thought it was good and can't wait to see how Lloyd's 100 days go but the end bummed me out SOO much. I'm happy that Vince is back to being a big star because I think that's when the show is most fun! 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I WON!!!!

WAHOOO!!! I just won my first auction on Ebay and holy moley that was addicting! I went slightly higher than I wanted to but after frantically refreshing the page for the last two minutes I will be getting in the mail......


O man I am soooo excited, I already have them in black and black pumps but these will be PERFECT! I will take a picture of them on my feet when they arrive!

Hopping on the Ebay Bandwagon

Well I've avoided it for a VERY long time but with my shopping addiction we all knew this day would come...I've officially become ADDICTED to ebay. However as a (very cheap) newbie I've only bid on one item (that I lost out on booo) and am watching like 800 others but one item I have my eye on (I don't want to say it to jinx it haha) ends tonight so you all might be getting another post from me sharing my great steal! My mom is an ebay fanatic so she's given me some great advice but I'm always up for more so if there are some secrets to ebay that you want to share let me know! 

I basically did nothing this weekend which was exactly what I wanted and it was SO relaxing! This was the first weekend that I was home in 2 weeks so it was so nice to spend it with my family and enjoy the nice weather! Friday was the most BEAUTIFUL day so I spent the entire day laying out, and then meeting up with Jillian before going to one of my favorite restaurants in town for dinner. My family has been going there for years, basically ever since its opened so we know everyone there including the chefs haha and its always nice because at the end of the night everyone usually sits down with us and it is so much fun!! 

Saturday I worked in the morning and then my dad and I went to sail boston to see the tall ships in the harbor. It was SOOO much fun...these ships apparently only come once every couple years and yesterday was my first time seeing the ships. My dad and I had such a great time together walking around and looking at the beautiful ships and the weather was perfect as well. We didn't end up going out last night but grilled out and ate in the backyard and then watching the Sox KILL the KC Royals which officially puts them 2.5 games above the Yankees WOOHOO! After that I watched the movie Contact with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey that I DVRed on TNT....I first watched that movie in my 11th grade astronomy class (don't ask me why haha) but I forgot how much I liked it! It's SUPER cheesy and it's funny to laugh at the 90s clothes but the idea is really interesting. Today I'm stuck working while my parents and dog are going to Rockport but tonight we're meeting up with my dad's godson J and his roommate for dinner which should be fun before watching True Blood and Entourage which will be the perfect end to a GREAT weekend! 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Thoughts and Musings

Yay it's Thursday! I don't work on Fridays so my weekend has officially begun and to make things even better me and the other intern got out at 3 today so I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering and window shopping around my town which was so nice and relaxing. After that my BFF C and I went to Brighams to get ice cream (quack tracks with rainbow jimmies for me...YUM!) And yes I did have ice cream before dinner so don't judge...or tell Jillian I'm seeing her later tonight after dinner haha. 

Anyhoo I am so excited for tomorrow because it's supposed to be completely sunny and 80 so I can't wait to lay out all day! Besides from that nothing too exciting happened today however I do have some random things I'd like to share but because they are SOO random, and because I'm feeling wicked lazy right now I'm going to bullet point the rest. 

-Is anybody besides me still watching Weeds? Ok if you are did anyone else get SO ANGRY at Monday's episode at the end when Nancy left Andy and went to live with the effing Mexican gangster? I may or may not have been crying and may or may not have thrown my sneaker at the TV

-Has anyone else had those dreams where you wake up the next morning and think  Wow I must have been on crack because there is no explanation for what just happened? I def had one of those dreams last night.  So my dream (the parts that I remember at least) was that I was a vampire and I was hanging out with Bill and Eric...I don't know where Sookie was. Oh and I was addicted to Coke (the drug not the soda haha). I don't really know what happened besides that but I remembered that I woke up at one point last night and thought HOLY SH!T I'm a drug addict! But then I remembered that it was just a dream and I went right back into it....I'm going to chalk this up to the fact that I've been spending alot of time with Sookie and the gang lately (I just finished the 7th Sookie Stackhouse book last night) but if this dream comes back I'm checking myself in to see a shrink haha

-I've recently become OBSESSED with the B.Spears song Hot as Ice off the Blackout CD and have definitely had dance parties by myself at night listening to that song. Listen to it and your ears will be VERY happy!

-Yesterday the head of the company I'm interning for who I know pretty well and see on an almost daily basis (our office is REALLY small and theres only like 7 full time people there) thought that I was the other intern, A, for about 5 min. At first I was kinda insulted that he didn't know it was me when I see him pretty regularly but on the other hand the other intern he got me confused with is about half my size and GORGEOUS so I decided to take it as a compliment and roll with it haha...who knows maybe Jillian is working after all! 

-Speaking of Jillian: I just noticed the other day that in Level 1 Circut 2 during the first round of the standing lunges, Natalie (I think that's her name) the advance girl TOTALLY cheats and doesn't lunge when she thinks the camera isn't on her. That made me feel pretty damn good when I was lunging and she wasn't! 

-Lastly I saw Public Enemies last night and LOVED it! I thought Johnny Depp was sooo cute (as he is in everything haha) and def teared up at the end...however I did get annoyed when in the last scene when the police man is talking to Billie (I'll try not to give too much of this away) and she didn't really cry but only her eyes watered. Wow if that was me I would have been curled up in the fetal position BAWLING my eyes out! If you haven't seen it yet def go check it out you won't be disappointed! 

Alright that's about it! Sorry for the incredibly random post but if you've made it to the end thanks for sticking with me!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Great News!

About 1.5 months ago I asked for a prayer request (you can see that post here) for my neighbor's daughter who, while recovering from open heart surgery (she had a previous heart condition) had suddenly collapsed. The doctors weren't sure what happened, and they weren't sure she was going to make it and if she did, they thought that there was going to be permanent brain damage. Well over the past month or so she was definitely improving but they still thought that there would be brain damage and that she would always have to be in a rehab center. 

Well yesterday when I was working at the boutique (they needed my help so I took the day off from my internship) my neighbor and her daughter walked in! She was released from the hospital on Sunday after a BIG improvement and she looked great! Obviously she spoke and moved a little slower than usual but she was in a great mood and seemed to be well on the road to recovery! It was SO great to see her and completely brightened up my day! Thank you ALL who sent prayers and good thoughts her way!! 

Monday, July 6, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Happy Monday everyone! Normally I wouldn't be so happy on a Monday especially after a long weekend buttttt.....

10-Day Forecast

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Jul 06
Mostly Sunny81°/59°10 %
Jul 07
PM T-Storms75°/57°60 %
Jul 08
Scattered T-Storms72°/56°30 %
Jul 09
Partly Cloudy71°/57°20 %
Jul 10
Partly Cloudy72°/59°10 %
Jul 11
AM Clouds / PM Sun75°/61°20 %
Jul 12
Isolated T-Storms77°/63°30 %
Jul 13
Mostly Sunny79°/63°20 %
Jul 14
Sunny77°/62°0 %
Jul 15
Partly Cloudy79°/63°10 %

LOOK AT THE FORECAST!!!! That's right there's actually happy little suns on the 10day forecast! (I'm ignoring the few dark clouds) I really don't remember the last time I saw these so this definitely brightened (ha!) up my Monday morning! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th weekend...mine was fantastic! Vermont is seriously my favorite place on Earth so I was so happy that we were able to spend such a fantastic weekend up there! We left early Friday morning at went to Burlington VT, that's right on Lake Champlain. It was raining but still SOO pretty and I had a chance to check out all the cute stores as well! Alot of towns in Vermont do fireworks on the 3rd as well as the 4th so we were going to watch the fireworks in Burlington but it was kinda gross and cloudy so we didn't 

Saturday was supposed to be pretty but ended up raining half the day which was kinda a bummer but it was so nice just to sit, read, and relax. Luckily enough the clouds cleared up that night so we watched the great fireworks show! Sunday was gorgeous and sunny so my mom and I sat out and soaked up the sun....even though I had a pretty good base I got SO sunburned (which is normally ok because I usually tan afterwards) but I forgot to take off my necklace so I have a circle that's imprinted that's probably not going away anytime soon...o well it was definitely worth it! Here are a couple pics from the weekend...sorry they look kinda weird...I forgot my camera charger so these are all from my phone.  

I hope everyone else had a fantastic 4th as well...can anyone else believe that it's July 6th already? This summer is FLYING by! Hope everyone enjoys this sunny (I hope it's sunny in your area too) Monday! Oh and sorry that the format of this post is kinda messed up....Blogger was NOT my friend this morning!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thanks SO much!

I also just got the Lovely Blog award from California Born and Virginia Raised another fantastic blog so thanks so much!! This time I nominate everyone to share the great blogs that you've all just discovered! Have fun!!

The Weekend is HERE!!

Sorry in advance: Since I haven't blogged all week this is going to be a LONGG picture heavy post...hope you enjoy haha

WAHOOO! 4th of July weekend is HERE!! So I don't know about anyone else but this week seriously could NOT have gone slower. Sorry about not posting since Monday but between babysitting for 3 hours in the morning, going to my internship for 5 hours in the afternoon, and shredding at night I am sooo tired! This morning started off a little rough with waking up 15 minutes before I had to be at the girl's house and looking sick nasty all day but....babysitting is done, my internship is done (for the week at least haha) and I've shredded for the day so THE WEEKEND IS HERE! As I'm sure you can tell by the picture above I am so excited for the 4th and hopefully some nice weather! I'm off to Vermont for the weekend so this will be my last post until then but I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I want to share pics from my FANTASTIC weekend to DC...btw def planning on moving there so if anyone know of any jobs opening next year for a Com major let me know haha ;)...but before I do so I want to say a couple Thank Yous! 

So a couple days ago Denise over at Seersucker Scrapper (who has the cutest blog so go check it out now!) awarded me the Lovely Blog Award which I feel so honored to get! 

The Rules:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her link.

2. Pass the award to 5 other bloggers that you have newly discovered

I absolutely love LOVE discovering new blogs so here they are! (obvi in no particular order)

Be As You Are (PJ literally JUST started her blog and its great so def go check it out!)

Alright! So even though this happened SUCH a long time ago I would LOVE to thank my koozie swap partner Ashley (she doesn't have a blog) for the adorable koozie she sent me! I can't wait to use it (if it ever gets halfway decent out haha) 

Next I want to say thank you Thank You THANK YOU to my absolutely AMAZING summer swap partner Bonnie over at Meanderings of Life for her fantastic package she sent me! I am one lucky lady and am getting spoiled! 

Everything still tucked away in the box

All my great goodies! I got a SUPER cute beach bag that I can't wait to use, the book 10 Little Blue Envelopes that looks great and I'm going to read after I finish book 7 of Sookie Stackhouse, yummy body lotion, a great water bottle, and a gorgeous wooden box!

And look at all of these goodies that were in the box! I can't wait to use all of them and are SERIOUSLY spoiled! 

Ok so last but definitely not least, as I've said before my trip to DC was the best time ever and I've totally fallen in love! Thank you to all for your great suggestions...we didn't get The Matchbox but my friends agree with you and said it was fantastic so I def want to head there on my next visit (or if I end up moving there haha) 

Friday S and I woke up and headed over to the Hill for our friend C (who's interning for his state rep) to give us a great tour of the Capital! It was so amazing and even though I went there in 8th grade I loved hearing about all of the history, and seeing a few things that I didn't before (sitting in on the House...SO COOL) which made it a great tour! After the tour S and I hit the white house and a bunch of monuments and then went to meet friends for happy hour and dinner at Tony's and Nick's (I think that's it) that was right on the harbor in Georgetown. It was SO YUMMY and pretty and we all had the best time! That night we all headed over to Adams Morgan to Brass Monkey which was soooooo much fun! It was a great bar, and was really cool because it had a ton of different levels (including a rooftop bar) that we just kept discovering!

Saturday, after a VERY late night we all woke up late, had brunch, and went to the Holocaust Museum. Really no words can describe it except...WOW. I visited there in 8th grade but really didn't get as much out of it as I did this time and it was incredibly sad and very moving. A group of us then headed over to the Jefferson memorial after and then to Clyde's in Georgetown which was sooo delish! After dinner we went to Georgetown Cupcake which were the best cupcakes I've ever had (and now I'm wondering if they ship haha) went back to their apartment and then went to Brass Monkey again for another great (and late!) night. 

Sunday we were going to go to Georgetown to shop but it was raining so we all went to the mall at Pentagon City where we did some shopping, and then I left for my funnn (haha) plane ride home! Overall a GREAT weekend! Ok so here are pictures but for your sake (sorry this is LONG!) no captions this time as I'm sure you know the people and places.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!