Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A (Very Belated) Thank You!

I've been the worst blogger to not post this sooner but on Friday the lovely Shoshanna over at From L.A to LA gave me the Premium Meme 2009 Award...yay thank you SO much Shoshanna!!  The rules are: "To accept this award, the recipient must list 7 traits about myself and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog."

Ok so I'm really bad with coming up with ANYTHING let alone personality traits about myself but here I go:

1. I am WAY too nice for my own good and have problems standing up for myself sometimes...def need to work on that
2.  I LOVE meeting new people
3. I am the BIGGEST hypochondriac you will ever meet
4. I am also a HUGE procrastinator 
5. I'm not the neatest person in the world but like to think of it as "organized chaos" haha
6. I'm a complete and utter shopaholic 
7. I can't spell for this list alone I had to google a couple words to figure out how to spell them (I'm not saying which ones!)

WHEW that was hard....and I don't know if all of those count as personality traits but oh well that's the best I can do right now! Ok and so my 7 luck receivers are:

1. Nicole Marie at La Mia Vita
2. SunshineMeg at Float On
3. Whitney at Peace Love and Big
4. Gracie Beth at Preppy Southern Princess
5. Pinkriss at TickledPINK
7. College Prepster at College Prep (who is AMAZINGLY talented and has a fabulous giveaway going on right now!!)

Sorry this post is so late today...right when I got home from work I did level 2 of the shred (which I like ALOT more although it's still killing me haha) and my mom and I went to dinner with C (my bff) and her mom (my mom's bff) at The Cottage tonight which was so much fun and sooo delish! I am SO happy that it's wednesday which means that this week is almost over and can't WAIT for the weekend!! 

My other big news is that MY REVAS CAME TODAY!!!!! (pictures coming tomorrow) and I may or may not have (emphasis on may) won a pair of the Jelly Revas (which are cute but DEF not worth 95 however I got a REALLLLY good deal on them) on ebay tonight which I am so excited for so I will post pictures of those too when they come! Oh and I def need to stop my ebay addiction. So off to bed right now...I don't know what it is but I have a constant tickle in my throat and it's so annoying/making me tired! 

PS~ Last night my family went to see Away We Go with Mya Ruldoph and John Krazinski (sp?) from The Office, and it was great! Def go check it out!! 


  1. Oh thank you SO much for this lovely award! You are too sweet and you really made my day :) I am just like you- HUGE hypochondriac!

    Great post :) XOXO

    P.s. I've wanted to see Away We Go for a while now- I am definitely going to have to see it now! xo

  2. I am addicted to ebay right now and will post this later in the week thanks for the tag.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can't wait to put it up. You are too kind and I love your blog! Have a good Thursday.

  4. Thanks for the award girl! :) We have many of the same "traits"... shopaholic, procrastinator! I used to be too nice and then I got walked on too many times and since then I have become a complete and utter... bitch? HAHAHA

    Can't wait to see your revas!!!

  5. Congrats on the award and yay for Revas!!

  6. It looks like you got bitten by the Ebay bug!

  7. I can't spell anything either. I spell check anything I write, normally a few times.

    I really want to see Away We Go, but I haven't been able to convince the bf to see it. Glad to hear its good though!