Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tunes Tuesday

Thank you all SO much for the bday wishes yesterday...I had an absolutely AMAZING day and it was gorgeous out which made it even better! I had classes all day and then about 12 of us went to one of my favorite places for drinks and dinner...SO yummy and I even got a free piece of carrot cake for dessert (although I also had brownies and cake too...whoops!) I have my job interview today, so I didn't go out, but instead went back for wine, gossip girl, and the daily show...a great end to a fantastic day!

I was trying to think of a weekly post that I could do, and since I love music, and you all seemed to like my Fall Playlist post, I decided to make every Tuesday "Tunes Tuesday" and share some of my favorite songs with you! I'm going to try to make a theme for every week, and for this first one I decided to copy PSP's Southern Songs post and share songs that remind me of being home:

Dirty Water-The Standells
This is an obvious one, and it still makes me so proud whenever I hear it.

Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond
This song always takes me back to Fenway, and I particularly like the "Red Sox Version" that one of the radio stations (WROR) plays during the summer, that has clips of the red sox winning in it.

Shipping Out To Boston- The Drop Kick Murphys
LOVE this song, and always listen to it when I fly over the harbor and into the airport. Also I love really anything by the Drop Kick Murphys

Sweet Baby James-James Taylor

Where You Go-Mighty Mighty Bostones
Funny story: In my freshman year of high school, one of my best friends G and I were supposed to see the Mighty Mighty Bostones at this outdoor concert held by an alternative radio station. The only song we knew that they played was this one, which is from Clueless, so we memorized all the words so we could look cool...the only problem was that we went the wrong night so we ended up seeing the Drop Kick Murphys instead, which drew an INTERESTING crowd. So even though we never got to see them, I still LOVE this song!

Peace of Mind-Boston
My favorite song of Boston.

So there you go....what songs remind you of your home, and if you ever have a theme request for "Tunes Tuesday," just let me know!


Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm 22!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Funday

Ha I know that's a totally lame title post but after this weekend my brain really isn't functioning at full speed yet haha. Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus but I have a (kinda) sketchy story to explain it. When I was driving home from the airport on Monday (after a LONGGG day of travel...ugh I really hate flying!) I was talking to S, and among other things she mentioned that the internet had gone out completely Sunday night, but had finally come back which was good. Well, cut to tuesday night, and the internet went out again, and by Thursday it still hadn't come back on. I called Time Warner, and when the guys came over that night they found that someone had put a splitter on our cable box, and they were totally surprised that it didn't affect our cable as well. We were all kinda sketched out because we really had no idea who would have done this, but we think it might have been our sketchy ex-housemate who lived in our house for the summer...definitely glad that she's gone and that our internet is up and running again!

The other bit of exciting news that happened this week was that....I got my first job interview!! It's for a digital marketing company, which is similar to the one I worked for this summer, and I am so excited but SO nervous. I have a phone interview with them on Tuesday afternoon, and even though I feel kinda prepared, and am calling my dad to get more tips, any and all advice from you is needed and MUCH appreciated!

Besides from being my b-day weekend, this weekend was also my school's homecoming weekend which was an absolute blast! Football really isn't that big at my school (our team is pretty bad haha) so instead of the game my friends and I just hung out all day, and watched other games on tv. M and I also discovered our new favorite drink:

O man where has this been all my life! M and I mixed it with lemondae, and it was absolutely fantastic...definitely going to become a regular addition in our house! Last night we went to a sorority party and saw a bunch of alum which was a ton of fun, but then ended up watching the patriot on tv before going to bed early haha. I haven't been grocery shopping in SO long, so I decided to make a trek to Whole Foods which is about an hour away, but I am SO excited...probably too excited. Tonight I have chapter (for my sorority) and then a TON of homework to do, and then tomorrow is my birthday!! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Update: Well it is officially snowing, so much that my flight was delayed until 830pm but I would end up missing my connecting flight so I'm stuck here until tomorrow :(

I've had an absolutely amazing time back at home for the weekend, but REALLY, since when has it suddenly turn into Winter? Friday when I randomly woke up early (I think I thought I still had to get up for class haha) and looked outside there were snow flurries flying all around. Now I'm all for Winter, and can't wait for the first snow but I think mid-October is definitely a little early!

Friday I literally sat on the couch all day and watched shows that I dvred on Thursday night. I've never actually realized this before, at school my friends and I are so busy that we never usually watch our Thursday night shows on Thursday night, but WOW I really watch alot of tv on that night...I should probably cut back haha. I haven't really done a "new shows post" but I think my favorite shows of the Fall have become: Modern Family (that's on Wednesday nights but oh well,) Flash Forward (Even though it's not as good, I definitely think that this will replace my LOST obsession when it ends, and I can't believe that CHARLIE (well I guess his name is Simon now haha) showed up in the end!,) Vampire Diaries (obviously not as good as True Blood but o man is it getting intense,) and Community (I LOVE Joel McHale). Combined with my old favorites (SO happy that 30 Rock came back this week, and Greys was AMAZING!) Thursday night tv has become a very busy night!

Friday night my family and I went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in my town, and I really wanted to wear this dress that I got a while ago from F21, so even though it was a little bit fancier for the place I decided to wear it anyways!

I ended up dressing it down a bit with this jacket that I got from Nordstroms alittle bit ago and ended up wearing flats.

Saturday my Mom treated me to a manicure which I REALLY needed, and then I did alittle bit of shopping which is always fun. I went to this Boston-area chain called 344, which used to be called Jasmine Sola, and ever since it changed the store has kinda gone down abit but what I LOVE is everything seriously seems to be $38 dollars so its great for getting fun, going out clothes. I also went to the Gap and got a couple of things on Sale which is always nice. After that, I went to my High School's homecomming which was SO much fun, and I got to see alot of my old teachers that I love. Last night my family went to see Couple's Retreat, which was REALLY funny in the first half, and then kinda died out a bit but was still really entertaining. The movie ended kinda early so I did some reading for school, and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I had never seen before and was SO funny!

I'm really lucky that my flight doesn't leave until 6:30 today (but it doesn't get in until 11:30 and then I still have an hour drive so that kinda sucks) and it's really rainy and gross here so I think I'm just going to hang out and do homework. I'm kinda bummed to leave already but can't wait for Thanksgiving which is JUST around the corner! What did you all do this weekend?

PS~ I'm so sad that I didn't/not going to make it to see the Head of the Charles but my school has four boats in it, and I know that Miss Queen Bee is it so GOOD LUCK to all of them!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Crazy Busy Weekend

I'm sure I left you all hanging on Monday wondering why I was up for 30 hours (well once I actually went to bed it was 34 haha) right? (haha) Ok well here is the story of my VERY long weekend. I think I've talked about this before but just in case, let me reiterate something: I HATE MY BLACK WORLD STUDIES CLASS! I took this class for two reasons: one, it was for a general requirement and was the only one I could get into in the last minute, and two, it actually sounded interesting.

What I didn't know going into it was that my professor is a self described "a-hole" and he admitted today (proudly) that he's been working on that title for 20 years. So last week when he announced that we would have a 20 page paper due as our midterm I immediately thought no problem. However he then threw in a twist: the assignment for the paper would be emailed out on Friday afternoon, and would be due on Monday by 5. Like are you kidding me...4 DAYS for a 20 page paper? Normally this would be annoying but whatever I would just be a hermit for the weekend...the major problem with this weekend was that my school was hosting our home horseshow so I litterally had NO time to work on it.

So the horseshow went well, and our horses were fabulous, despite some very, um, INTERESTING riding done by the other teams haha, but I literally had no time to work on the paper Saturday night because by the time I got home I was so tired from showing, working, and being up since 6am and I also had to get up on Sunday morning at 630am. Sunday comes, and the horses are great again, however by the time that everything is done, I don't end up starting my paper (and by starting I literally mean starting the research) until 5pm.

Long story short I work on my paper throughout the night, go to my 10am class (why I don't really know...I was so out of it I almost fell out of my chair), come back, finish the paper at 4pm, and fall asleep on the couch at 430pm. So stressful but at least this story has a happy ending: My professor had graded the papers already (I know I have no idea how he got them all done either) and I got an 85! Not my finest grade on a paper but I'm pretty happy with it (especially for such a last minute attempt.) It was a very relieving way to end the day and a great way to go into my fall break which starts tomorrow...which means that the next time I blog I'll be back in Boston!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


So I wanted to do a fun post about my great weekend but I'm currently on my 30th hour of no sleep and still going so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I Miss Most About Summer

I've been meaning to do this post for awhile now (September 1st to be exact) but I totally forgot about it haha. So because it's a cold, gross, rainy day (that I do kinda love) and nothing really exciting happened today, I thought I would post this now! Even though Fall is hands down my FAVORITE season, there are a TON of things that I miss about summer (hanging out with my family, friends from home, and Sam Adams Summer brew are among them) but the number 1 thing that I totally and completely miss is reading.

I absolutely LOVE to read (kinda seems hard to believe because I really haven't done any reading for school haha) and I love having all of the free time in the summer to read as many books as possible. This summer, I was pretty proud of myself in that I read 11 books, and started a twelfth, but haven't finished it. I have to admit that most of the books I read were somewhat trashy but here's what I read this summer:

Sookie Stackhouse Books (5-9) (Even though they can be kinda cheesy I do recommend them esp for beach/vacation reading. They all go by very quickly and are fun reads...they're also a great companion to True Blood. Ha and when I was finding the page on Amazon I found out she's writing a 10th book which I preordered!)

Mexican High
(This was a book that I randomly picked up that turned out to be pretty good. It's a semi-autobiographical story of a girl that spends a year in Mexico City and all of the crazy shennigans that happen there. VERY fast read...I think I read it in a day and a half.)

The Rope Walk (Maybe it's just me, the book received 4.5 stars on Amazon but I did NOT like this book at all! The author does do a great job when it comes to descriptions of both the characters and the landscapes, but it is INCREDIBLY slow moving, and I really didn't think that there was much of a payoff at the end. If anyone has read this book I totally want to know what you think!)

My Sister's Keeper (I wanted to read the book this summer after hearing about the movie, and all I can say about this was O.M.G. Seriously one of the best books I've ever read and also probably the saddest. I figure that most of you know what this is about so I won't go into details but for those who don't it looks at a very difficult decision a young girl has to make and what makes this book amazing is that the author looks at the perspectives from all members of the family. I read this in a day and a half while I was on vacation in Michigan, and I'm never one to cry when I read books but I was absolutely BAWLING....definitely recommended!)

Are You There Vodka It's Me Chelsea (I LOVE Chelsea Lately, so I loved this book and is another quick, fun read. Word of warning though: If you tend to laugh out loud it might not be the best to read in public places...I finished this on a plane and was cracking up so the people around me probably thought I was a creep haha.)

13 Little Blue Envelopes
(I received this book in my Summer Swap package and it was really cute! It's about a girl who receives a series of letters from her eccentric aunt, and needs to follow them, as they take her through Europe. So cute and really made me want to pack up my bags and travel!)

Secret Society Girl
(I picked this up randomly a while ago and just read it at the end of this summer. Ehhhh it's ok...it's about a girl who goes to Eli University (aka Yale) and gets "tapped" to be in this secret society (hence the title haha) called Rose and Grave (aka Skull and Bones.) It's pretty good, and it definitely held my attention while driving back to school!)

Under the Rose
(This is the second book in the Secret Society Girl Series (I think there's three) and even though I didn't love the first one I thought I would give this one a shot. Not much better, but I only have 80 pages left so I'm going to stick with it and at least it holds my attention while I'm working out on the Eliptical!)

So that's what I read this summer/am reading right now. After Under the Rose, I'm going to start Back to Wando Passo which I got in a book giveaway this summer and it looks GREAT! What are you all reading right now?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Recap

Happy (early) Tuesday...yay for getting through Monday! My Monday was FABULOUS (never thought I would say that haha) one because of the beautiful fall weather, and more importantly the fact that one of my afternoon classes got canceled today...WAHOO! O man I seriously LOVE when that happens (not that it happens often) and today was the perfect time because instead of quickly grabbing something to go after my riding practice I got to go home and eat lunch/shower before my 5pm class...it was definitely the break I needed.

This weekend was great but busy! We had a horse show about an hour and a half away on Saturday, so Friday night the entire team packed up and headed off to stay in a hotel for a night before going to the show on Saturday morning. Friday night was fun and so relaxing...I was in a room with two of my good friends on the team, and one girl that I didn't know as well and we all just hung out and watched Runaway Bride on TNT which I hadn't seen in forever and forgot how much I loved it...Seriously that movie is SO cute!

Saturday we all woke up at 6am (AHH!) and got to the show at 7am however it was still too dark to start schooling the horses so we had to wait a while before we finally got started. We had two shows in one day (instead of spreading them out over the entire weekend) which lead to a very successful (Our team won the first show, got second in the second show, and I had a great ride which I was SO happy about) but LONG day! We left at around 630ish, got home by 8pm, and I was in bed by midnight (I seriously felt so cool going to bed so early on a Saturday night haha.) Here are a couple pics from the show:

The sunrise haha

Representing KD at the show (there are 5 of us on the team which is SO much fun!)

Myself in action...ignore the weird smile haha

Sunday was a VERY lazy day. I ended up watching a marathon on TV Land of Married with Children (and yes I did laugh at some parts...don't judge) did some laundry, did homework, and watched Titanic which was also on TNT. Wow I LOVE that movie (I always have to watch it on tv even though I have it on dvd) but it made me so depressed that night. Soooo that was my weekend...very busy but so much fun!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It Would Only Happen To Me...

I've finally accepted that I really am a walking Murphy's Law... there are certain things in life that really would only happen to me. Case in point: yesterday I had two MAJOR tests, so I knew that Tuesday night was going to be a long one. I had a recruitment meeting at 930 (which I drove to), then after the meeting I drove to the library, and parked my car in this side parking lot. I turned off my car, and this happened:

Yup...my key snapped in two. After quickly calling M, S, and my parents I called triple A, to have someone tow my car to my house (I could only park in the lot until 7am) and waited for the tow truck to come. And waited. After about an hour and a half of sitting by my car trying to study, and about 5 phone calls from the tow truck man who was lost, Steve (of Steve's towing) finally showed up....and told me that he couldn't tow my car home because it would hurt the transmission (only he told it in a way that was MUCH ruder.)

After finally getting home at about 1am on Tuesday night (Steve didn't give me a ride) I started studying for my first test until about 3am, then woke up at 8am on Wednesday to BEG the parking people not to give me tickets while my car was sitting in the parking lot, took my test at 10am, studied for my second test about an hour and a half before, came home from classes at 7pm, before going to hear a (GREAT) speaker for my sorority at 730pm.

Whew! So happy that the past couple days are over! I actually think I did alright on my tests (although that usually means that I didn't haha) and the spare key from my parents came today so I was able to move my car. So now instead of doing anything remotely productive, I'm sitting at home watching How I Met Your Mother (S just got the 4th season) and relaxing. SO happy that the weather is FINALLY fall-like, and Happy October 1st everyone...only 26 days until my 22nd bday...eek!!