Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tunes Tuesday

Thank you all SO much for the bday wishes yesterday...I had an absolutely AMAZING day and it was gorgeous out which made it even better! I had classes all day and then about 12 of us went to one of my favorite places for drinks and dinner...SO yummy and I even got a free piece of carrot cake for dessert (although I also had brownies and cake too...whoops!) I have my job interview today, so I didn't go out, but instead went back for wine, gossip girl, and the daily show...a great end to a fantastic day!

I was trying to think of a weekly post that I could do, and since I love music, and you all seemed to like my Fall Playlist post, I decided to make every Tuesday "Tunes Tuesday" and share some of my favorite songs with you! I'm going to try to make a theme for every week, and for this first one I decided to copy PSP's Southern Songs post and share songs that remind me of being home:

Dirty Water-The Standells
This is an obvious one, and it still makes me so proud whenever I hear it.

Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond
This song always takes me back to Fenway, and I particularly like the "Red Sox Version" that one of the radio stations (WROR) plays during the summer, that has clips of the red sox winning in it.

Shipping Out To Boston- The Drop Kick Murphys
LOVE this song, and always listen to it when I fly over the harbor and into the airport. Also I love really anything by the Drop Kick Murphys

Sweet Baby James-James Taylor

Where You Go-Mighty Mighty Bostones
Funny story: In my freshman year of high school, one of my best friends G and I were supposed to see the Mighty Mighty Bostones at this outdoor concert held by an alternative radio station. The only song we knew that they played was this one, which is from Clueless, so we memorized all the words so we could look cool...the only problem was that we went the wrong night so we ended up seeing the Drop Kick Murphys instead, which drew an INTERESTING crowd. So even though we never got to see them, I still LOVE this song!

Peace of Mind-Boston
My favorite song of Boston.

So there you go....what songs remind you of your home, and if you ever have a theme request for "Tunes Tuesday," just let me know!



  1. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it yesterday :)

  2. Tunes Tuesday is a perfect weekly post, I have been looking for new music to get into!!

  3. LOVE all of your selections for this Tunes Tues. :)

  4. They sang Sweet Caroline on Glee last week..I loved every minute of it!

  5. Can't wait to listen to some of these Boston-themed songs :)

  6. Whenever I hear those songs I always think of home too! Gotta love Boston!

  7. There are 2 kinds of people in this world and we are the ones that LOVE Neil Diamond! xoxo