Sunday, October 18, 2009


Update: Well it is officially snowing, so much that my flight was delayed until 830pm but I would end up missing my connecting flight so I'm stuck here until tomorrow :(

I've had an absolutely amazing time back at home for the weekend, but REALLY, since when has it suddenly turn into Winter? Friday when I randomly woke up early (I think I thought I still had to get up for class haha) and looked outside there were snow flurries flying all around. Now I'm all for Winter, and can't wait for the first snow but I think mid-October is definitely a little early!

Friday I literally sat on the couch all day and watched shows that I dvred on Thursday night. I've never actually realized this before, at school my friends and I are so busy that we never usually watch our Thursday night shows on Thursday night, but WOW I really watch alot of tv on that night...I should probably cut back haha. I haven't really done a "new shows post" but I think my favorite shows of the Fall have become: Modern Family (that's on Wednesday nights but oh well,) Flash Forward (Even though it's not as good, I definitely think that this will replace my LOST obsession when it ends, and I can't believe that CHARLIE (well I guess his name is Simon now haha) showed up in the end!,) Vampire Diaries (obviously not as good as True Blood but o man is it getting intense,) and Community (I LOVE Joel McHale). Combined with my old favorites (SO happy that 30 Rock came back this week, and Greys was AMAZING!) Thursday night tv has become a very busy night!

Friday night my family and I went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in my town, and I really wanted to wear this dress that I got a while ago from F21, so even though it was a little bit fancier for the place I decided to wear it anyways!

I ended up dressing it down a bit with this jacket that I got from Nordstroms alittle bit ago and ended up wearing flats.

Saturday my Mom treated me to a manicure which I REALLY needed, and then I did alittle bit of shopping which is always fun. I went to this Boston-area chain called 344, which used to be called Jasmine Sola, and ever since it changed the store has kinda gone down abit but what I LOVE is everything seriously seems to be $38 dollars so its great for getting fun, going out clothes. I also went to the Gap and got a couple of things on Sale which is always nice. After that, I went to my High School's homecomming which was SO much fun, and I got to see alot of my old teachers that I love. Last night my family went to see Couple's Retreat, which was REALLY funny in the first half, and then kinda died out a bit but was still really entertaining. The movie ended kinda early so I did some reading for school, and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I had never seen before and was SO funny!

I'm really lucky that my flight doesn't leave until 6:30 today (but it doesn't get in until 11:30 and then I still have an hour drive so that kinda sucks) and it's really rainy and gross here so I think I'm just going to hang out and do homework. I'm kinda bummed to leave already but can't wait for Thanksgiving which is JUST around the corner! What did you all do this weekend?

PS~ I'm so sad that I didn't/not going to make it to see the Head of the Charles but my school has four boats in it, and I know that Miss Queen Bee is it so GOOD LUCK to all of them!


  1. I'm watching it pours snow as my Titans... Well, they definitely aren't playing but they're there... take on the Patriots. So pretty! It's freezing in Knoxville and I agree - its too early!

    Thursday night TV is the best. Grey's Anatomy is my absolute fave. I am so not a fan of the chief right now!

    Love your outfit for dinner btw!

  2. I swear to god we had the exact same Saturday! I went to see Couples Retreat and then I went home and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall... so weird! LOL :)

    Glad you had a good weekend at home. Sometimes it just feels so great to be at home- so warm and cozy!

    P.S. We have got to meet up sometime in Boston! :)

  3. Good luck to Miss Queen Bee! Your dress is fabulous is I do say so myself. That stinks about your plane getting delayed like that. Snow?! What happened to October?

    Enjoy your week.

  4. Snowing!! Love your new dress-really cute. xoxo


  5. Cute outfit!!

    I love will definitely help me get over the loss of Lost (hehe) and Charlie!!!! AHH!

  6. Oh my goodness I can't believe it snowed up there! Love the dress by the way!