Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Crazy Busy Weekend

I'm sure I left you all hanging on Monday wondering why I was up for 30 hours (well once I actually went to bed it was 34 haha) right? (haha) Ok well here is the story of my VERY long weekend. I think I've talked about this before but just in case, let me reiterate something: I HATE MY BLACK WORLD STUDIES CLASS! I took this class for two reasons: one, it was for a general requirement and was the only one I could get into in the last minute, and two, it actually sounded interesting.

What I didn't know going into it was that my professor is a self described "a-hole" and he admitted today (proudly) that he's been working on that title for 20 years. So last week when he announced that we would have a 20 page paper due as our midterm I immediately thought no problem. However he then threw in a twist: the assignment for the paper would be emailed out on Friday afternoon, and would be due on Monday by 5. Like are you kidding me...4 DAYS for a 20 page paper? Normally this would be annoying but whatever I would just be a hermit for the weekend...the major problem with this weekend was that my school was hosting our home horseshow so I litterally had NO time to work on it.

So the horseshow went well, and our horses were fabulous, despite some very, um, INTERESTING riding done by the other teams haha, but I literally had no time to work on the paper Saturday night because by the time I got home I was so tired from showing, working, and being up since 6am and I also had to get up on Sunday morning at 630am. Sunday comes, and the horses are great again, however by the time that everything is done, I don't end up starting my paper (and by starting I literally mean starting the research) until 5pm.

Long story short I work on my paper throughout the night, go to my 10am class (why I don't really know...I was so out of it I almost fell out of my chair), come back, finish the paper at 4pm, and fall asleep on the couch at 430pm. So stressful but at least this story has a happy ending: My professor had graded the papers already (I know I have no idea how he got them all done either) and I got an 85! Not my finest grade on a paper but I'm pretty happy with it (especially for such a last minute attempt.) It was a very relieving way to end the day and a great way to go into my fall break which starts tomorrow...which means that the next time I blog I'll be back in Boston!!


  1. OMG I would want to punch that guy in the face. One, why would you brag about being a jerk? Obviously he has no redeeming qualities so he has to brag about his crappy ones. Second, professors should want their students to LEARN, and cramming a 20 page paper into a weekend is just cramming stuff into a paper that you'll probably forget in a few weeks. Why not give the students time to learn about something before they write it! Ugh what a jerk - I truly feel bad for you and I hope this class goes by super fast so you can be done with it.

  2. Good Lord! Students need to organize against this man - that's utterly ridiculous. I was stressing out about a 12 page paper I had due because I only had two weeks to work on it. I'd be done for it if were 20 pages in four days!

    Congrats on the 85 - I would be happy with it too!

  3. I had one of those write a whole paper in about a weekend in college. Except that was more my fault by not doing it any sooner. Glad to hear that you still wound up doing well on it!

  4. Oh my heavens, as I read this I thought it woudl be inpossible, given your horse sow. WOW! You showed him. An 85 is great for what you had to go thru. Honestly it's the ego of some that make life miserable for the decent.
    Great job!
    Hope you can enjoy this weekend atleast!