Monday, June 29, 2009

I officially HATE flying

I was going to devote this post to the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING time I had in DC this weekend, and the fact that I officially want to move there. I was also going to post pictures of my weekend in DC, my lovely koozie, my amazing summer swap package that I got in the mail, and thank Denise over at Seersucker Scrapper for the lovely award she gave me. But I'm going to devote my post to why I HATE flying. 

When I first booked my trip to DC I had the option of taking a 7:20 or 8:50 flight. Because I had to babysit at 8:30 this morning before my internship I decided to take the 7:20 which would get in at 9. After the great but tiring weekend (probably had to do with the fact that I didn't get to bed before 4am every night...oops!) I was looking forward to getting home, having a late dinner, watching True Blood and going to bed. 

Well Jet Blue had different plans for me. After taking a metro and a loooooong bus ride to Dullus I was informed that my flight was now leaving at 9 which really sucked but whatever. I walked around for awhile had an overpriced dinner with a couple glasses of wine at Max and Ermas and waited for the flight. At 830 they told us that the ground hold Boston had was lifted and both flights were now immediately going. 

Well getting on the plane was kinda funny because as soon as the lady announced that the ground hold was lifted she said everyone had to leave NOW so people were running from their chairs to the gates (which were right next to each other) and it totally reminded me of that part in Armageddon when the Freedom  and Independence shuttles were loading (I had a lot of time to think of the comparison last night haha.) So we get on the plane and are all ready to go at 8:45 which was the fastest boarding time ever and I'm pumped because I can get home relatively on time. So we're sitting ready to go and the pilot comes on thanks everyone for their patience and then announces that the ground hold's back on so we're going to be sitting on the plane until 10. BAHHHHHH!!!! We finally end up leaving at 10:20 (i think...I fell asleep around 10) and got into Boston at 11:40, and I was FINALLY home at 12:30. 

UGH I am so sick of flying and delays it's not even funny! When I got back from FLA on Jet Blue (hmmm maybe there's a pattern here) I didn't get into Boston until 1am so I guess it could have been worse but getting up this morning was HORRIBLE. Thank goodness for HSM3 which entertained the girls the entire time I was there haha. I looked SO rough at my internship this morning it was pretty funny but at least I got to leave about 30 min early so that was good. 

So sorry for this LONG ranting post and I promise tomorrow will be MUCH happier! Off to take a nap, catch up on Google Reader (280 posts!) Jillian, and TV. Have a great Monday night! 

ETA: Whoops forgot to add RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Oxy Clean guy. It was SO weird with MJ because as I was sitting waiting for the plane on thursday it said he was in a coma and then two min later when we got on the plane he weird/sad. However as much as I LOVE MJ's music I thought I was going to rip my ears off at the non stop MJ marathons they were playing in the bars/restaurants this weekend. Was I the only one going a little crazy with all the nonstop MJ music?

ETA2: Sorry I'm not commenting on alot of posts...I'm trying to read all posts in the google reader but I'm not commenting that much...will comment regularly tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Away I go!

 Quick post: I'm off to my internship for a couple hours and then tonight I will be on a plane for DC!! WOOHOO! I haven't been there since a class trip in 8th grade (which is a whole other story for a later date haha) and I can't wait! S and I are going to visit friends/sorority sisters who are working there for the summer so we have a pretty packed weekend but for all you DC ladies out there any suggestions for things I can't miss? Update and pictures on Monday Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have the maturity of a 10 year old

Today when I went to blogger dashboard I saw that I have 69 followers....hehehe. Then at work I wrote an article about a client's work with Cuming Corporation. I probably laughed about that one for the entire time I was writing the article.... soo about 45 minutes. I then came to the conclusion that I am probably the immature person alive however in my defense it's STILL raining and I needed all the entertainment I could get. Anyone else out there that still laughs at stupid things like this or is it just me?? 


I hope everyone is having a great week! Nothing too exciting happening right now...after my shopping spree at Frugal Fannies I was bad and went to TJ Maxx and Target yesterday and found some really cute stuff! At TJ I found an awesome Matty M navy maxi dress which I think I'm going to take with me to DC this weekend and at Target I found the Tracy Feith white zip up dress which will be SO cute for this weekend as well! After DC I'm DEF going to have to slow down on shopping for a while! 

Sooooo without further ado here are some pictures from Naples! 

Me, S, and S's Mom at this AWESOME bar called the English Pub! We went on the first night and seriously had the BEST time! 

Also at the English Pub...we had LOTS of fun taking pictures that night!! 

At Tommy Bahamas for dinner on the 2nd was so delicious! 

The beautiful favorite part of Naples! 

The English Pub

My other favorite part of Naples...the pier and the beach!

HAPPY HUMP DAY!! This week is almost over...YAY and can anyone else believe that this is the LAST WEEK in June? I can't believe next weekend is the 4th of July...crazy this summer is flying by! If you're having rain like we are...stay dry!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Enough Already!!

Ugh I think I can speak for everyone in the Boston/New York/New England region when I say ENOUGH ALREADY with this rain!! I really don't think I can take anymore of this and hopefully the weather people are right and this will stop by Wednesday! I'm going to DC this weekend with S so hopefully the weather will be nice there! 

Despite the gross weather my weekend was GREAT! Friday C and I as well as a couple of my HS friends got together for L, one of my bff's 21st birthday! It was SO much fun...we went to this amazing restaurant called La Summa in the North End and then bar hopped around the Faneuil Hall area. Oh man if you are ever in the area PLEASE go to La Summa....seriously some of the BEST Italian food I've ever had and it wasn't that expensive either! I had the Gnocci (sp?) which was so delish, but I tried everyone else's too and everything there was just great! We wanted to head over to Mike's Pastry after for some birthday cannolis but were so full we skipped them and headed to the bars!

The weather cleared just in time to go out and it wasn't too humid either which made it such a great evening! The first three pics are a couple touristy pictures I took while walking to the restaurant. Even though I go to this area fairly often it was way too nice out not to take a couple pictures!! 

K, L, and C at La Summa

We saw this boutique while walking to the restaurant and L, L, and I HAD to take a picture under it! Besides having a GREAT name (haha) the clothes looked really cute so I might have to stop by for a peek! 

All of us (C, G, Me, L, and K) at the first bar

Me and the bday girl

 G, Me, K, and L towards the end of the night haha

After waking up on Saturday morning at L's apartment and feeling a little, um, ROUGH haha I headed off to work in the boutique for the day which was somewhat interesting because I was SOOO tired! That night I decided to take it somewhat easy and went to see the Proposal with my family. OMG it was GREAT!! Ryan Renolds and Sandra Bullock were adorable and it was the funniest, cutest movie! Definitely one for the DVD collection! It was also fun because the theater where we saw it has dinner and drinks for you while you watch the movie which was lots of fun as well! 

Yesterday I had to work (boo) but before I headed to Frugal Fannies to check out the Molly B close out sale (KLC also mentioned this on her blog) We sell Molly B at my store and although the company still exists the stuff at Frugal Fannies is from her old warehouse which she sold to new people.  OMG if you are AT ALL in the are PLEASE GO NOW! Your closet will thank you and your wallet won't be hurting that much either! I got a dress, a skirt, and two tops and spent 55 dollars! Woohoo! I have pictures but I think I posted enough in this post so I'll put them up later. After work and Shredding, we had a great Father's day dinner with portobello mushroom burgers (they were delish!) and potato salad with carrot cake for dessert, and then I watched True Blood which was FANTASTIC! Was it just me or was this ep funnier than ususal? I found my self laughing alot and I am obsessed with Eric's new haircut! I also found Bill SO HOT when he was screaming at Sookie and pissed off at the end of the week looks so good! Have a great Monday and stay dry!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the GREAT dad's out there! Unfortunately I had to work in the boutique today so I couldn't hang out with my dad during the day but I hope you had a great time hanging out (or talking to) your dads! I absolutely love my mom to death but I am a total daddy's girl at heart. My dad and I have really similar personalities and a favorite activity that we've done since I was little is go out to lunch together on weekends. Even when I'm away at school I always talk to my dad (usually on Saturdays) and we always have such a great time! I love him so much and he is the greatest! Hope you all had a great Father's day and a great weekend!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Quick post I'm going out for one of my HS bff's 21st bday! Should be lots of fun and will have recap and pictures sunday or monday! Hope you all have a great weekend!! 

Thursday, June 18, 2009


OMG OMG....has anyone else see the trailer for this?? I didn't until I was reading one of my FAVORITE daily reads Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch Blog and I found the trailer on there. No words can describe my excitement... I seriously feel like I can't even write coherent sentences haha. I am a HUGE dance/singing/musical/whatever movie fan and Center Stage will still remain as one of my all time favorites but this looks AWESOME!! My only slight complaint is that they made the original song more "current" no I want the cheesy 80s one to be in the movie!  Anyone else joining me in September??

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Small World

So I just had the best small world experience ever! I was at White Mountain Creamery buying ice cream for my family (shhh don't tell Jillian!) and I had my Kappa Delta formal sunglasses on top of my head. This lady who was standing in back of me asked where I was at KD at and turns at we were both KDs at the same school/same chapter!! WOW what a small world! She was really the nicest person ever and it was so great to meet a fellow KD sister! I think there's alot of us out there in the bloggy universe so shoutout to all my fellow KD ladies out there! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I kinda want to get to bed soon so I can read a little of my book but there is NO way I can't share a couple of my thoughts about the episode. Also let's all admit that until the last 20 min the ep was BORING and you could tell that they were just trying to build up to the last part. 

-WTF Danielle bringing the book to the family dinner party. That PISSED me off that she just plopped the book in the middle of the table and started staring at everyone. From the previews I was kinda under the impression that this fight happened naturally but the fact that she basically brought this on herself and to kinda stir the pot really annoyed me

-I don't know about anyone else but I'm still a little cynical over the fact if Caroline really was the one who "leaked" the book or if she was really just trying to cover for Dina or if she was just trying to smooth the situation over and take the bullet. It did seem a little too easy when she just was like ok I did it. I did like how in the beginning how she was trying to let Danielle speak and thought that was classy (well...relatively speaking haha) 

-Kudos to Jacqueline for actually growing a pair and standing up to Dina and the rest of her family. I totally understand being caught in the middle and not wanting to step on toes and hurt feelings ESPECIALLY when you have a natural obligation to your family but good for her on calling Dina out. I also LOVED Chris her hubby and his nice little speech to calm everyone down at the end as well as the expression on his face during the fight. HAHA my mom was watching it w me and we both agreed that my dad has that same look on his face when everyone gets into fights at our family gatherings

-Theresa?? Um absolutely no words except for the fact that for her sake I really hope she was drunk! What Danielle said (as well as her actions for the entire night and season basically) was completely uncalled for but the fact that Theresa was silent for the majority of the fight and then just flipped out...well that was just weird. But it totally made me laugh and provided for GREAT tv so thats something

-One last's one thing having the older kids there (and I forget who said it but I LOVED when someone's kid was like no Mom I want to stay to see this!) but to have the younger kids especially Danielle's kids and Dina's daughter there was (at least I think) really irresponsible. I don't know about anyone else but at family gatherings there was a reason that us kids sat in the other room!! 

So all in all I thought this was a great episode! Can't wait for the unedited footage on Thursday and reunion next week! Ok so what do you all think? Agree/Disagree....sound off below! Oh and I know I'm a dork for LOVING LOST so much but a Top Chef Masters LOST themed ep tomorrow night?? Cannot WAIT!! 

Life Lesson #235

If you're planning on doing the shred after dinner it's probably not the best idea to have a mojito (or two) before ;) 

Whoops so I didn't have my date with Jillian as planned but I am planning on it tonight! Dinner (and the mojitos) at the Cottage was GREAT and if any of you Boston ladies make it out to the burbs you definitely have to try it out!! Nothing too exciting today so I'm probably going to leave it at that but SO excited for RHNJ finale tonight and expect another post after! 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Read!

Forgot to mention this earlier but just finished a GREAT read that I ended up starting way back in April but got so busy that never got to finish it haha. It's called Thirty-Nine Years of Short Term Memory Loss and is a memoir of Tom Davis who was the comedy partner of Al Franken and both of them wrote on SNL back in the day. I LOVE memoirs and the seventies is my favorite decade so this was a great read!! I have to admit that Davis does ramble a little bit (I think thats what all the drugs will do to you haha) and his writing style does take a bit to get used to but it's a perfect beach book! Right now I'm on Book 6 (I forget the name since they all have some version of dead in the title) of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries (aka the book series True Blood is based off of) and it is great as well! I absolutely LOVE reading and the summer is a perfect time to do it! 

The Mondays

Ugh I have a total case of the Mondays and this weather (it's kinda cool and rainy and its been like this since last week) is not helping one bit! My weekend in Naples was FABULOUS!! I seriously feel like I need another weekend right now to recover! I have a ton of pictures I want to share with you all but I'm a little lazy right now so look for those later in the week! 

Um True Blood last night how good was it?! My flight that was supposed to get in at 1130pm didn't get in until 1am because we sat on the runway for 1.5 hours at JFK (grrr) but I was so excited to watch it I stayed up late when I got home. O man was it GOOD! I am more in love with Bill than ever and that scene at the end between him and Sookie was HOTT!! I was almost dying laughing when Bill was trying to teach Jessica about recycling haha. And is it just me or is anyone else excited about the possibility of Lafayette becoming a vamp? He's one of my fav characters and I'm so glad they didn't kill him off...I think him as a vamp would be pretty awesome! 

I think that'll be it for tonight. I didn't get alot of sleep last night and I got really sunburned yesterday (S and I thought it be a great idea to not use a lot of sunscreen bc it was our last day) so I'm sooo sleepy! Off to the Cottage for dinner (one of my FAV places yum!) and then I need to meet back up with Jillian after dinner and continue the Shred....I don't think she'd be too happy with all the beer and coconut cream pie I ate this weekend! 

Thursday, June 11, 2009


That was my reaction yesterday (said in my head) when I googled my name and my twitter page was the first listing that came up. Which made me immediately want to twitter what I found. You see I probably am the dumbest/most naive person when it comes to all things related to technology. Yesterday when I was at work I had to "repurpose" (aka write the same article over again but in my own words) an interesting (and helpful) article about how people are turning to social networking sites to help them with their job searches. At the end of the article it said how (obvi) you had to be careful about revealing too much online so a good way to do this would be to google your name. 

A quick side note: when I registered for my twitter account I first used my real name however I then realized that I didn't want a lot of people finding me so that's when I changed it to my initials. When I checked my initials were saved in the profile section and they're what appeared on my page. 

Anyway I don't know why my name still appeared connected with my twitter account when I googled my name but it did. Now I only had twitter for like two weeks and I didn't really put alot about my internship on it but when my supervisor was out on Monday I did put that I was getting distracted and spending time on twitter and blogger.....OOPS! 

So I don't think anyone at work saw it but I FREAKED out anyway and immediately deleted my account. So I'm sure right now all of you are laughing your asses off that someone could possibly be that stupid but what can I say....I guess I AM that stupid! Anyhoo that is the reason I am no longer on Twitter. I might go back eventually but right now I don't think I can handle the power that comes with it hahaha

The other thing I wanted to mention is that this is my last post before Monday because I am off to Naples today...WOOOOHOOOO! I am SO excited and cannot wait! I am all pack and wanted to show pictures of what I'm taking but for some reason my cameras not uploading pictures right now...weird. I am taking wayyyy too much for the weekend but o well. I'm so happy because my supervisor said that I didn't have to go into work today so I have the morning off and am watching er reruns on fav! I hope everyone has a great weekend and see you all on Monday! 

The Luck O The Irish Pt 2

Ok I'll be posting another post after this but right now without further ado here is the second half of my pictures from Ireland!!

In Killkenny they used the most BEAUTIFUL colors for buildings and doors. Here are a couple of the prettiest ones!

This was one of my favorite colors. The green was AMAZING!!

This picture didn't come out as well as I wanted but the pink was so bright!! 

The trail we walked around Upper Lake in Glendalough

That little hole is where the hermit St. Kevin stayed when too many people started coming to Glendalough. 

Ruins of a miner's camp. I think this is a little "later" from the 1300 or 1400s

More pictures of the miner's camp

A picture of our hotel right outside Killkenny. This was the most AMAZING place ever! It used to be an old house and it was so beautiful!

We went horseback riding which was SO fun! Our guide Tara was super nice and she took me over some cross country jumps which great because I've always wanted to try them but it was def scary!! I wanted to get pictures of the jumps but didn't so here's a picture of myself that I took on the horse!

This isn't really of anything special but I thought it was "artsy" haha so I put this in.

Killkenny Castle

There are a TON of old Guinness signs around everywhere in Ireland but this one was my favorite.

A stone tower from the 1200s (I think) next to one of the major churches in Killkenny. You can climb to the top but I didn't want to because it looked a little intense haha.

My mom told me to suck it up so I climbed the tower with her (my dad has a huge fear of heights!) Here are the little ladders that you had to climb to the top

My mom climbing the ladder

View from the top. It was AMAZING!!

My mom and I once we were back on the ground

One of the old immigrant ships. This is similar to what my great grandparents came to NY on

Nothing particular but this was taken in Westwick (a town halfway between Killkenny and Dublin located on the coast) It was the most beautiful day and this was a really cute house haha

A palm tree in Westwick...who knew??

The coast in pretty! 

Our FAVORITE restaurant in Dublin Hugos. It was this teeny wine bar with the most delish food ever! Mmmmmm I wish I could eat there right now haha

My mom and I in the hotel bar on the last night. This was the first of MANY drinks before dinner and in addition to wine at dinner we were both kinda hurting on the plane the next day haha


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Luck O The Irish Pt 1

Here's the moment I know you all have been desperately waiting for (haha) the post where I finally start sharing my Ireland pictures! Because I hate uploading pictures to Blogger with a passion (anyone else agree with me on this?) I decided to split up my pictures into two parts. Before I launch into those pics I just got my summer swap package for Bonnie (who has an adorable blog so if you haven't been to visit her make sure to do so!!) together so I thought I would give you all a little sneak peek of what I'm sending! 

Now without further are my pictures from Ireland!

Trinity College Ireland's largest college. I don't know what building this was but the entire campus is BEAUTIFUL! They still had classes going on so it was cool to see everyone around campus.

One of the MANY cute pubs in the Temple Bar district. I don't know why this section of called Temple Bar but its full of really cute restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Another cute pub in the Temple Bar district.

Where we ate lunch the first parents picked it because we weren't really in the mood for pub food (which is good but REALLY heavy) and my parents used to eat at an Elephant & Castle when they lived in NYC. Turned out this is the same place haha go figure.

The pond inside St. Stephan's Green (Dublin's main park) For all you Boston ladies this park totally reminded me of the Gardens and Dublin is really similar to Boston in the way its set up, the weather, etc. It was funny...we would tell people we were from Boston, and most people either had a cousin or other relative living in the city and would always ask us if we knew them!

The Guinness Factory one of the best parts of Dublin ;) Those are my parents who accidently got in the picture in case you were wondering.

Self Explanatory but one of the best parts of the tour! 

The Sky Bar at the very end of the tour...this was the BEST part and where they would give you a free pint of Guinness (or in my case two...I drank my moms too haha)

My Dad and I

Me and my Mom

This is outside of Dublin in Glendalough where we stopped on our way to Kilkenny. These were two Irish Setters that were next door to our restaurant where we had lunch and they were so cute I had to include it!

Where we had lunch....honestly some of the freshest and BEST food I've ever had! They were playing Bob Marley inside and any place that plays Bob Marley is a-ok with me!! 

Some of the ancient ruins inside Glendalough National Park. Glendalough used to be home to a hermit named St. Kevin but many others ended up joining him and these are some of the ancient ruins from the village. I don't exactly remember how old they are but I think they're from the 1100 or 1200s. 

My dad and I in front of the lower lake in Glendalough.

The upper lake of Glendalough....this picture does not do it justice. One of the prettiest places I have ever seen! 

And that's going to be it for tonight! Right now the Sox are playing the (evil....sorry personal bias coming through) Yankees and they're up 7-0....WOOOOO GO SOX!!!! 

ETA: It seems like I'm always forgetting to put things in but thanks to all for the comments about getting carded at the made me feel better that I wasn't the only one haha