Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Luck O The Irish Pt 2

Ok I'll be posting another post after this but right now without further ado here is the second half of my pictures from Ireland!!

In Killkenny they used the most BEAUTIFUL colors for buildings and doors. Here are a couple of the prettiest ones!

This was one of my favorite colors. The green was AMAZING!!

This picture didn't come out as well as I wanted but the pink was so bright!! 

The trail we walked around Upper Lake in Glendalough

That little hole is where the hermit St. Kevin stayed when too many people started coming to Glendalough. 

Ruins of a miner's camp. I think this is a little "later" from the 1300 or 1400s

More pictures of the miner's camp

A picture of our hotel right outside Killkenny. This was the most AMAZING place ever! It used to be an old house and it was so beautiful!

We went horseback riding which was SO fun! Our guide Tara was super nice and she took me over some cross country jumps which great because I've always wanted to try them but it was def scary!! I wanted to get pictures of the jumps but didn't so here's a picture of myself that I took on the horse!

This isn't really of anything special but I thought it was "artsy" haha so I put this in.

Killkenny Castle

There are a TON of old Guinness signs around everywhere in Ireland but this one was my favorite.

A stone tower from the 1200s (I think) next to one of the major churches in Killkenny. You can climb to the top but I didn't want to because it looked a little intense haha.

My mom told me to suck it up so I climbed the tower with her (my dad has a huge fear of heights!) Here are the little ladders that you had to climb to the top

My mom climbing the ladder

View from the top. It was AMAZING!!

My mom and I once we were back on the ground

One of the old immigrant ships. This is similar to what my great grandparents came to NY on

Nothing particular but this was taken in Westwick (a town halfway between Killkenny and Dublin located on the coast) It was the most beautiful day and this was a really cute house haha

A palm tree in Westwick...who knew??

The coast in pretty! 

Our FAVORITE restaurant in Dublin Hugos. It was this teeny wine bar with the most delish food ever! Mmmmmm I wish I could eat there right now haha

My mom and I in the hotel bar on the last night. This was the first of MANY drinks before dinner and in addition to wine at dinner we were both kinda hurting on the plane the next day haha



  1. Cute pictures!!! I'm so jealous! I want to ho, everything looks so beautiful!!!

    p.s. I have that Guinness sign in our half bath... my BF is irish and a HUGE Guinness fan!!! LOL

  2. wow those are great photos. especially love the colored doors.

  3. These photos are great and it looks like a fab trip! The mountains are so beautiful and the pubs look like fun :)

    I love that hotel outside of Killkenny. Ireland is definitely a place on my "must travel to" list.