Monday, June 22, 2009

Enough Already!!

Ugh I think I can speak for everyone in the Boston/New York/New England region when I say ENOUGH ALREADY with this rain!! I really don't think I can take anymore of this and hopefully the weather people are right and this will stop by Wednesday! I'm going to DC this weekend with S so hopefully the weather will be nice there! 

Despite the gross weather my weekend was GREAT! Friday C and I as well as a couple of my HS friends got together for L, one of my bff's 21st birthday! It was SO much fun...we went to this amazing restaurant called La Summa in the North End and then bar hopped around the Faneuil Hall area. Oh man if you are ever in the area PLEASE go to La Summa....seriously some of the BEST Italian food I've ever had and it wasn't that expensive either! I had the Gnocci (sp?) which was so delish, but I tried everyone else's too and everything there was just great! We wanted to head over to Mike's Pastry after for some birthday cannolis but were so full we skipped them and headed to the bars!

The weather cleared just in time to go out and it wasn't too humid either which made it such a great evening! The first three pics are a couple touristy pictures I took while walking to the restaurant. Even though I go to this area fairly often it was way too nice out not to take a couple pictures!! 

K, L, and C at La Summa

We saw this boutique while walking to the restaurant and L, L, and I HAD to take a picture under it! Besides having a GREAT name (haha) the clothes looked really cute so I might have to stop by for a peek! 

All of us (C, G, Me, L, and K) at the first bar

Me and the bday girl

 G, Me, K, and L towards the end of the night haha

After waking up on Saturday morning at L's apartment and feeling a little, um, ROUGH haha I headed off to work in the boutique for the day which was somewhat interesting because I was SOOO tired! That night I decided to take it somewhat easy and went to see the Proposal with my family. OMG it was GREAT!! Ryan Renolds and Sandra Bullock were adorable and it was the funniest, cutest movie! Definitely one for the DVD collection! It was also fun because the theater where we saw it has dinner and drinks for you while you watch the movie which was lots of fun as well! 

Yesterday I had to work (boo) but before I headed to Frugal Fannies to check out the Molly B close out sale (KLC also mentioned this on her blog) We sell Molly B at my store and although the company still exists the stuff at Frugal Fannies is from her old warehouse which she sold to new people.  OMG if you are AT ALL in the are PLEASE GO NOW! Your closet will thank you and your wallet won't be hurting that much either! I got a dress, a skirt, and two tops and spent 55 dollars! Woohoo! I have pictures but I think I posted enough in this post so I'll put them up later. After work and Shredding, we had a great Father's day dinner with portobello mushroom burgers (they were delish!) and potato salad with carrot cake for dessert, and then I watched True Blood which was FANTASTIC! Was it just me or was this ep funnier than ususal? I found my self laughing alot and I am obsessed with Eric's new haircut! I also found Bill SO HOT when he was screaming at Sookie and pissed off at the end of the week looks so good! Have a great Monday and stay dry!


  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! I love the pics from your friends 21 b'day. It looks like you had a great time and that Twilight boutique looks fun!

    I'm glad you liked The Proposal; I really want to see it. True Blood was so good last night and I got a few laughs out of it too. Eric is HOT!

  2. I know, you finally make it through the Boston winter only to still be deprived of sun and warmth. I'm glad you had a good weekend though@

  3. I am so tired of this weather too! How much more can we take?? Lets pray the sun gets here soon! I'm glad that you had a nice weekend though :)

  4. I know we are totally depressed about the weather too. Glad your weekend went well! xo

  5. Just found your blog and love it! So sorry about the weather...sending you some much needed sun from Cali :) XO