Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Did It!!

Before I launch into other things I'd first like to apologize for the completely whiny post I posted earlier. I had no reason to be in a bad mood and was completely caught up in my own pity party. I am grateful everyday to have both an internship and a job for the summer and really had no right to bitch! 

After work today (which was actually really busy) I kept my promise and did the first day of the 30 day shred. Um WOW. Jillian officially kicked my ass and I kinda love her for it! I had no idea of how out of shape I was until I started dying about 2 min into the first circuit but it really was a good dying. Now (I'm embarrassed to admit) my arms slightly hurt as I'm typing this (sad I know) and I know I'm going to be SOOO sore tomorrow but I'm actually really excited to go back for more! I love how Jillian kept saying how she knows its tough but you have to work hard to get results and her attitude totally kept me motivated! I'm a little scared to see what level 2 and 3 are and I'm dreading when I have to move up a level! 

My dad was out of town for a couple days so on Friday my mom and I just had a girls night and watched He's Just Not That Into You which was cute and we both liked it. Last night I went to a BBQ held by a lady who does our monogramming for the store. It was LOTS of fun with yummy food and cocktails and great company!! After the movie C and I went to a late show of....


It was GREAT!!! Seriously one of the FUNNIEST movies I have ever seen and I could easily go back again! Also Bradley Cooper is yum and I loved staring at him for the entire movie haha. You all need to go see this ASAP!! Tonight I didn't really do much besides work, and worked out. I'm now watching the Tony awards (what can I say I'm kinda a musical junkie) and getting so excited for Army Wives! So sad the weekend is over but only a couple days away until NAPLES!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

ETA: Haha so I forgot to mention a funny story that happened last night at the movies. C and I were standing in line to buy tickets and when the guy called us up to the window I went up first. Now before I continue the guy standing at the window was tall, kinda awkward, and looked he was MAX 18 or 19. I told him that I wanted one ticket for the Hangover and he ASKED FOR MY ID! Ok I def thought this was pretty weird esp because I sometimes don't even get carded at bars but I assumed he was being really careful (and judging by the end credits of the movie I know why!) and I was planning on joking with C about checking our ids after she bought her ticket. Well she went up to the window and.....nope didn't get asked for an id or anything! So that's when I felt pretty cool (not) that the 18 yr old movie guy didn't think I was 17 and all during the previews whenever a movie was rated R C joked that I shouldn't be watching it because my parents weren't supervising me. Hahaha I just wish I knew what they movie guy was thinking when he saw my birthdate!!  


  1. I am so excited to see this movie. we are going to go next weekend!

    I never make it past day two of jillian. ha

  2. This movie looks so funny, I can't wait to see it! I always end up getting carded at the movies, and my little sister never does! Too funny!

  3. Just stumbled across you blog and it was cracking me up. I too am torturing myself, I mean working with Jillian. I am on day 13 and really have stuck to it! Noticed that I feel stronger and have seen some measurements in the old hip area shrink a tiny, tiny bit. But shrinking is shrinking! Good luck with Jillian - she is tough. Love your blog.

  4. It sounds like you had an awesome weekend and I'm so glad you saw The Hangover too! It was seriously so funny and I love Bradley Cooper now. It was so funny, because my 29 year-old friend Kelly got carded and her 18 year-old sister didn't when we went.

    That is awesome that you're doing The Shred. I need to just go buy it and get myself into gear.

    I loved He's Just Not That Into You also :) Happy Monday!

  5. Glad you had a great weekend! Have a fabulous week!
    xx me

  6. Okay, you're the third blogger to write about how funny Hangover is. I HAVE to see it. Glad you had a great weekend.

  7. Hehe ... getting carded never gets old! Xoxo-BLC