Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Small World

So I just had the best small world experience ever! I was at White Mountain Creamery buying ice cream for my family (shhh don't tell Jillian!) and I had my Kappa Delta formal sunglasses on top of my head. This lady who was standing in back of me asked where I was at KD at and turns at we were both KDs at the same school/same chapter!! WOW what a small world! She was really the nicest person ever and it was so great to meet a fellow KD sister! I think there's alot of us out there in the bloggy universe so shoutout to all my fellow KD ladies out there! 


  1. what a small world, I love when things like that happen

  2. HAhaha I love that you said don't tell Jillian!

  3. Isn't it great when the universe brings a SS to you. Once in Europe... I ran into FOUR different friends from college. It was pretty amazing.
    Have a fabulous day!
    xxx me

  4. I'm a KD, too! How awesome! Headquarter's posted your link on Twitter! :]

  5. Send a little more information to me, and I'll put this in The Angelos in the KDs Together section. I'm working on it now, so I need to hear back asap. Did you get the other KD's name? When were you both in school? What chapter? Send me the details and I'll try to get it right in. Thanks!

    In our KD,
    Judy Thorne, Angelos Editor

  6. How fun! I'm a Kappa Delta also, and isn't it just the best when you run into sisters in unexpected places? ;)

  7. AHHHH! Things like this make me giddy. We are so lucky to be a member of such an incredible organization, don't you think? I'm sad I won't be meeting you at convention but I'll take tons of pictures! AOT!