Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Read!

Forgot to mention this earlier but just finished a GREAT read that I ended up starting way back in April but got so busy that never got to finish it haha. It's called Thirty-Nine Years of Short Term Memory Loss and is a memoir of Tom Davis who was the comedy partner of Al Franken and both of them wrote on SNL back in the day. I LOVE memoirs and the seventies is my favorite decade so this was a great read!! I have to admit that Davis does ramble a little bit (I think thats what all the drugs will do to you haha) and his writing style does take a bit to get used to but it's a perfect beach book! Right now I'm on Book 6 (I forget the name since they all have some version of dead in the title) of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries (aka the book series True Blood is based off of) and it is great as well! I absolutely LOVE reading and the summer is a perfect time to do it! 

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  1. Love those summer books! Your selection sounds pretty cool!