Monday, June 29, 2009

I officially HATE flying

I was going to devote this post to the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING time I had in DC this weekend, and the fact that I officially want to move there. I was also going to post pictures of my weekend in DC, my lovely koozie, my amazing summer swap package that I got in the mail, and thank Denise over at Seersucker Scrapper for the lovely award she gave me. But I'm going to devote my post to why I HATE flying. 

When I first booked my trip to DC I had the option of taking a 7:20 or 8:50 flight. Because I had to babysit at 8:30 this morning before my internship I decided to take the 7:20 which would get in at 9. After the great but tiring weekend (probably had to do with the fact that I didn't get to bed before 4am every night...oops!) I was looking forward to getting home, having a late dinner, watching True Blood and going to bed. 

Well Jet Blue had different plans for me. After taking a metro and a loooooong bus ride to Dullus I was informed that my flight was now leaving at 9 which really sucked but whatever. I walked around for awhile had an overpriced dinner with a couple glasses of wine at Max and Ermas and waited for the flight. At 830 they told us that the ground hold Boston had was lifted and both flights were now immediately going. 

Well getting on the plane was kinda funny because as soon as the lady announced that the ground hold was lifted she said everyone had to leave NOW so people were running from their chairs to the gates (which were right next to each other) and it totally reminded me of that part in Armageddon when the Freedom  and Independence shuttles were loading (I had a lot of time to think of the comparison last night haha.) So we get on the plane and are all ready to go at 8:45 which was the fastest boarding time ever and I'm pumped because I can get home relatively on time. So we're sitting ready to go and the pilot comes on thanks everyone for their patience and then announces that the ground hold's back on so we're going to be sitting on the plane until 10. BAHHHHHH!!!! We finally end up leaving at 10:20 (i think...I fell asleep around 10) and got into Boston at 11:40, and I was FINALLY home at 12:30. 

UGH I am so sick of flying and delays it's not even funny! When I got back from FLA on Jet Blue (hmmm maybe there's a pattern here) I didn't get into Boston until 1am so I guess it could have been worse but getting up this morning was HORRIBLE. Thank goodness for HSM3 which entertained the girls the entire time I was there haha. I looked SO rough at my internship this morning it was pretty funny but at least I got to leave about 30 min early so that was good. 

So sorry for this LONG ranting post and I promise tomorrow will be MUCH happier! Off to take a nap, catch up on Google Reader (280 posts!) Jillian, and TV. Have a great Monday night! 

ETA: Whoops forgot to add RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Oxy Clean guy. It was SO weird with MJ because as I was sitting waiting for the plane on thursday it said he was in a coma and then two min later when we got on the plane he weird/sad. However as much as I LOVE MJ's music I thought I was going to rip my ears off at the non stop MJ marathons they were playing in the bars/restaurants this weekend. Was I the only one going a little crazy with all the nonstop MJ music?

ETA2: Sorry I'm not commenting on alot of posts...I'm trying to read all posts in the google reader but I'm not commenting that much...will comment regularly tomorrow!!


  1. Man, your flying issues would make me insane. I hate delays and things that come up to screw up your plans. At least your home! Happy week!

  2. I am so sorry you have had a bad experience with flying!! I hope you are relaxing tonight and forgetting all about your flying troubles.

  3. I hate delays too! I especially hate delays when I fly with AK, because boys get even crankier over them. Thank goodness for the absurdly overpriced airport bars!

  4. I seriously cannot stand flying just because of reasons like this. SO annoying!

  5. I am with on the flying! It sure isn't what it use to be!!
    Have a fabulous fourth!! xxxx me

  6. Hope you had a great time aside from the less than stellar airplane experience!