Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I kinda want to get to bed soon so I can read a little of my book but there is NO way I can't share a couple of my thoughts about the episode. Also let's all admit that until the last 20 min the ep was BORING and you could tell that they were just trying to build up to the last part. 

-WTF Danielle bringing the book to the family dinner party. That PISSED me off that she just plopped the book in the middle of the table and started staring at everyone. From the previews I was kinda under the impression that this fight happened naturally but the fact that she basically brought this on herself and to kinda stir the pot really annoyed me

-I don't know about anyone else but I'm still a little cynical over the fact if Caroline really was the one who "leaked" the book or if she was really just trying to cover for Dina or if she was just trying to smooth the situation over and take the bullet. It did seem a little too easy when she just was like ok I did it. I did like how in the beginning how she was trying to let Danielle speak and thought that was classy (well...relatively speaking haha) 

-Kudos to Jacqueline for actually growing a pair and standing up to Dina and the rest of her family. I totally understand being caught in the middle and not wanting to step on toes and hurt feelings ESPECIALLY when you have a natural obligation to your family but good for her on calling Dina out. I also LOVED Chris her hubby and his nice little speech to calm everyone down at the end as well as the expression on his face during the fight. HAHA my mom was watching it w me and we both agreed that my dad has that same look on his face when everyone gets into fights at our family gatherings

-Theresa?? Um absolutely no words except for the fact that for her sake I really hope she was drunk! What Danielle said (as well as her actions for the entire night and season basically) was completely uncalled for but the fact that Theresa was silent for the majority of the fight and then just flipped out...well that was just weird. But it totally made me laugh and provided for GREAT tv so thats something

-One last thing...it's one thing having the older kids there (and I forget who said it but I LOVED when someone's kid was like no Mom I want to stay to see this!) but to have the younger kids especially Danielle's kids and Dina's daughter there was (at least I think) really irresponsible. I don't know about anyone else but at family gatherings there was a reason that us kids sat in the other room!! 

So all in all I thought this was a great episode! Can't wait for the unedited footage on Thursday and reunion next week! Ok so what do you all think? Agree/Disagree....sound off below! Oh and I know I'm a dork for LOVING LOST so much but a Top Chef Masters LOST themed ep tomorrow night?? Cannot WAIT!! 


  1. Read my blog today! I did a post about this too and I had a very similar reaction. I agree with you 100% I didn't address the kid issue, but I agree with that too.

  2. It was shocking when she threw the table. I guess she was insulted for all the comments she got- when she was the one hosting the party. I would be so upset with someone took over my dinner party like that..but don't know if I would have flipped the table. Sure made for good TV. Aaron Spelling would have been proud.
    xxxx me

  3. I enjoyed the episode, but a lot of stuff felt staged.

  4. I always love good old table throwing... hahah. Liked your thoughts!

  5. O-M-G! Loved it. The whole thing. Even the previews teasing me. Cannot wait to for Thursday or next Tuesday. I guarantee I will be parked in front of my TV!!! Xoxo-BLC

  6. Let's just say, I despise Danielle. She just needs to go away. I thought the episode was great. Being a Jersey girl myself (although from the South), those girls are the real deal and they crack me up!

  7. Such a guilty pleasure... I can't wait for tonight's episode!

    I just wish Danielle would disappear - she loves the drama of even negative attention.