Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back To Reality

After a crowded plane ride I'm back at school, and while I'm definitely happy to be back I'm TOTALLY missing home right now! My Thanksgiving was great, lots of good food and even better company (all except for our one family friend who is completely CRAZY but definitely makes holidays entertaining haha) and this past weekend was so much fun as well. On Friday afternoon, my mom and I saw The Blind Side which I thought was absolutely amazing and completely inspirational...I also loved the fact that both Leanne and her daughter were/are KDs! Saturday, my family went up to Salem to walk around and go to this teeny tiny museum that always has unique exhibits and when we got home we watched The Family Stone and The Holiday, two of my favorite Christmas Movies. Today, before leaving we all went to the Brighams (anyone from MA knows that it's the best ice cream EVER) in my town for one last visit because it's CLOSING tomorrow :( It's kinda sad how, well, sad I am about it but I have a ton of great memories from there, and will definitely miss my catch up dates there with my BFF from home, C. Right now I'm sitting in bed, kinda falling asleep, and trying to build up the motivation to write a paper thats due tomorrow at 10am...nothing like a fun way to come back to school! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Christmas Traditions

I always LOVE the weekly Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Korner and thought that I would participate myself this week! My family has a TON of traditions (I'm warning you now...some are kinda weird haha) so here are a few of them:
  • When I was little I used to be OBSESSED with Babar the Elephant so my mom bought a cardboard cutout of him for my Babar birthday party. Now I have no idea how this started but my mom would always put out the cutout on Christmas Eve and when "Santa" would come "he" would put a bell on Babar's trunk. Kinda weird but we still have kept it up!
  • We always open a Christmas present each on Christmas Eve.
  • When decorating the tree my mom always hides a pickle ornament and whoever finds it gets to open their presents first.
  • Before Christmas my mom and I always make Holiday Cookies together, and for Christmas my mom always buys her and matching PJs for us to wear on Christmas morning.
So there are just a few of my family's Christmas traditions...what are your family's traditions?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

I can't believe I wrote my Thanksgiving post yesterday and forgot to name all of the things that I am thankful for this year. I am thankful for so many things including:
  • my amazing family and friends
  • my health (and the health of my family and friends)
  • my dog
  • my education and the wonderful opportunities I've been given
  • The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Starbucks Holiday Cups
  • Christmas Music
  • TV marathons
  • Holiday episodes of Friends and Will and Grace (haha I'm a dork)
  • The bloggy universe
  • Updates on the new season of LOST over at Entertainment Weekly (seriously I can't wait)
And for your holiday enjoyment... a little Adam Sandler (sorry there's no video with this just the song!)


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! For me the family fun (both good and bad haha) has already mom has already made some,um, interesting comments towards me, and my aunt and uncle have only been here for less than an hour and are kinda driving me insane already. Oh well, I am SO happy that I'm home and spending Thanksgiving with my amazing family (as crazy as they may be) and I can't wait to watch the parade, dog show, top chef on bravo (I love their Thanksgiving marathons!) and eat all of the yummy food! Have a great holiday everyone!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tunes Tuesday: Home Edition

As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz "There is no place like Home." And to celebrate being home for Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share some of my favorite songs with "home" in the title. Wherever it is, enjoy being home with your families this week! Also get excited because the next couple Tunes Tuesday's (up until Christmas) will be all Christmas songs...woohoo!

Take Me Home Tonight-Eddie Money

Home-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Just discovered them and they are quickly becoming one of my bands ever...this song is SO happy and so much fun!)

Take Me Home Country Roads-John Denver

Homecoming-Kanye West (Even though I hate him personally, I love his music and this is one of my favorite songs)

Bring It On Home-Little Big Town

I Feel Home-OAR (Sorry I could only find a live version of this one!)

Way Back Home-The Wreckers

Home-Michael Buble


Highs and Lows

I don't know about all of you but Thanksgiving Break, seriously could not come soon enough. Between school, riding, activities, and still trying to have a social life (a definite FAIL) last week was completely crazy. Here are some of the highlights of the past week-ish (and I'll start with the lows first because it's best to get those out of the way!)

  • The Horseshow at _____ (they know who they are haha)- The horseshow that our team went to the weekend of the 13th was seriously one of the WORST shows ever. Personally I rode pretty well and was overall very happy with both my ride and my horse (although even though I love the color pink if I get another 5th place I will flip out) but the judge was seriously HORRIBLE. In one class all 3 of our riders didn't place (and two of them definitely should have) and the school that was hosting the show, and prides themselves on having an amazing equestrian program, didn't have the courtesy to start even remotely on time. We have to go back there in February and I'm really not looking forward to it.
  • School- I think the Communication department at my school made a pack to kill all of their students right before Thanksgiving. I have not had that much work in my life and am really not looking forward to finals...although I think they actually might be easier to handle than last week was!
  • Mental Breakdowns- Last Wednesday was a really LONGGG day that ended with me crying on the phone to my dad while walking to the library, going to two meetings with makeup all over my face, then coming home, drinking a glass of wine (by myself. in my room. in the dark), getting a McFlurry, drinking more wine, falling asleep and then waking up at 3am to do work that was supposed to be emailed at 12 am. Solid.
  • BRUUUUCE- The Bruce Springsteen concert was seriously the most AMAZING concert I have ever seen in my entire life. He played the entire Born to Run Album (with Prove It All Night and Jungleland being AMAZING) and then played (among a ton of other fantastic songs) Because the Night and Born in the USA...I seriously DIED. What made the night even better was that S, M, and I went to this bar across the street, both before and after the concert, that played great music and was overall a TON of fun!
  • New Moon- My friends and I went to the midnight showing on Thursday and it was amazing...SO much better than Twilight! It's funny though, although I liked it at the time, the more I think back on it the more I realize I absolutely LOVED it, and I really want to go and see it again...although that's not going to happen right now because none of my friends at home having gotten into the series. They have no idea what they're missing haha!
  • A Third Interview- After having a second interview the week before, and not hearing back all week about whether or not I got a third, and final interview (which partly contributed to my breakdown on Wednesday), on Friday I found out I got a third interview with this company! The interview is a week from Wednesday, and although I'm REALLY nervous, I can't wait. The job is similar to what I did this summer (digital marketing) and I think that I would be really great in this position. Keep your fingers crossed!
So that was my week in a nutshell, and now I'm SO happy that I'm home! Can't believe that Thanksgiving is only a couple days away...can't WAIT!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Busy

My professors have decided that the best way to get us ready for the Thanksgiving break is to literally KILL US this week with work...I have 5 papers, 2 tests, and 1 group project due before I leave on Friday and I literally have NO idea how I'm going to make it through. I do have a midnight showing of New Moon to look forward to on Thursday and I'm SOOO excited for that! There's going to be no Tunes Tuesday this week (I know you're all SO sad haha) and I don't think I'm going to post again until I get home but I hope you all have a great week, and enjoy New Moon if you're seeing it this weekend. Oh and Bruce was absolutely AMAZING...seriously the BEST concert I have ever seen...MUCH longer recap on that plus pictures later!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The CMAs: Why Have I Not Watched This Before?

I love country music as much as the next person, and it definitely has a heavy rotation on both my ipod, and my radio, but I've never really watched any country award shows or anything, until last night when M and I randomly landed on the CMAs when we were watching tv. WOW I think that was one of the most fun award shows I've watched in awhile! I loved how it almost seemed like more of a concert with all of the performances, and I also liked how everyone seemed genuinely happy (or at least they can fake it really well) to be there and be performing. I absolutely LOVED Zac Brown Band's cover of The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Brad Paisley's Welcome to the Future (definitely one of my favorite songs right now), Reba, Carrie Underwood and Brooks and Dunn. But I have to admit that as much as I love her, Taylor Swift is starting to (slowly) get on my nerves...I love Fifteen, but her performance of it last night kinda reminded me of seeing NSync at the Burlington Mall when they were still doing mall tours. Overall though I thought it was great and a lot of fun! Did any of you watch it last night?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tunes Tuesday: I Feel Old Edition

I was going to do a completely different theme for this week's Tunes Tuesday, until I took a quick break in our sorority suite (we don't have sorority houses here) and was watching Dancing with the Stars with two girls in the Sophomore pledge class. We were talking about the different people dancing but when Aaron Carter came on they wondered why he was on the show because they didn't think he was known for anything except for being Nick Carter's brother. I quickly reminded them of Aaron's Party (one of my FAV songs haha) but they didn't really know it, and only kinda knew he had his own (short-lived) singing career...WOW did I feel old! So in honor of this story I decided this week to share some of my favorite songs of the 90s...this is only a brief list though...look for more of my fav 90s songs in the future!

Ace of Base-The Sign

Aqua-Barbie Girl
(Really any Aqua song...LOVE them!)

Sorry...couldn't embed this one!

Genie in a Bottle-Christina Aguilera

If You Want it to Be Good Girl-Backstreet Boys

Never Had a Dream Come True-S Club 7

Aaron's Party-Aaron Carter (sorry I could find the actual music video to embed!)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Recap in Pictures

I was going over my posts today, and besides from my Tunes Tuesday posts, (which I don't know about all of you but I've been having a great time digging through my Itunes to come up with songs and a theme) and I noticed that I have been a REALLY bad blogger lately. All of the school work that goes along with senior year has been catching up with me, and the fact that I have be (semi) actively job hunting. Which reminds me...remember the job interview that I had a couple weeks ago? Well it went really well because I have a second interview on Tuesday! I have no idea if this is going to go anywhere but I really hope it does because 1.) I need a job, 2.) the company sounds really cool and it's in a field (digital marketing) that I'm interested in and 3.) I REALLY need a job!

Besides from that nothing that exciting has happend so I decided that I would recap my last couple weeks in pictures...because nothing is more fun than that right? These are from the last two weeks and include my bday, halloween, and my other housemate S's bday. Enjoy!

(The bday cake my housemates got for me)

(If you can't tell I was Wonder Woman!)

(My glittle A, me, one of my littles N, and my other glittle J)

(me and my other little E)

(Celebrating S's bday)

(Her first [legal] drink!)

I also have seen that other bloggers are saying something that they are thankful for each day of November, and while I can't promise to say something each day I'm going to do the best I can! Today I'm thankful for the "Leaves" scented candle that I got from Bath and Body Works. I can't really describe the smell but it's delish and is making my room smell like Fall!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scared Silly

Oh man. I am DEFINITELY not getting to sleep for a while! After going out to dinner, and watching the first 5 innings of the 6th and sadly the last game of the World Series (BOOOO) S (my other housemate S) and I decided to see Paranormal Activity because we heard a ton of things about it and wanted to check it out for ourselves.

OMG. Wow what a fun but SCARY SCARY movie. I feel so bad for the poor guy in front of me because between my long legs, and the fact that he was a little on the short side I think I kicked him in the head about 5 times haha. The last 15-20 minutes were seriously one of the most terrifying things that I'd ever seen, but even though it was so scary it also was alot of fun, so for those who haven't seen it yet definitely go check it out. Sorry for the ramble and I can already tell it's going to be a long night...the wall between M and my room just creaked and I almost just screamed!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tunes Tuesday: Halloween Edition

Halloween may be over but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy a couple more "scary" songs to last us through the year! Here are my favorite songs to listen around Halloween or when I want to be creeped out! (PS~ A longer recap of my week/weekend will be coming later today!)

Nightmare on My Street-Will Smith
(Used to LOVE this when I was younger, and also used to love all Will Smith songs....I can still sing portions of Wild Wild West and Getting Jiggy Wit It by heart haha)

Thriller-Michael Jackson
(This song used to scare the CRAP out of me when I was little...I literally couldn't listen to it in the car!)


(LOVE Aqua!)

Monster Mash-Bobby Pickett and the Cryptkeepers

Dead Man's Party-Oingo Boingo

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!!