Saturday, November 28, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Christmas Traditions

I always LOVE the weekly Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Korner and thought that I would participate myself this week! My family has a TON of traditions (I'm warning you now...some are kinda weird haha) so here are a few of them:
  • When I was little I used to be OBSESSED with Babar the Elephant so my mom bought a cardboard cutout of him for my Babar birthday party. Now I have no idea how this started but my mom would always put out the cutout on Christmas Eve and when "Santa" would come "he" would put a bell on Babar's trunk. Kinda weird but we still have kept it up!
  • We always open a Christmas present each on Christmas Eve.
  • When decorating the tree my mom always hides a pickle ornament and whoever finds it gets to open their presents first.
  • Before Christmas my mom and I always make Holiday Cookies together, and for Christmas my mom always buys her and matching PJs for us to wear on Christmas morning.
So there are just a few of my family's Christmas traditions...what are your family's traditions?


  1. love the matching pj tradition! :)

  2. The pickle ornament idea is too cute!! I have always tried to convince my mom to let me open up jussst one on christmas eve but she never lets me!

  3. Love them, There all good Christmas traditions

  4. cute traditions! we always cut down our christmas tree today (the saturday after thanksgiving). we also still read "the night before christmas" and "the polar express" on christmas eve before watching "it's a wonderful life" among many other special family traditions. thanks for sharing yours... would love to start the PJ one! adorable!

  5. Love holiday traditions. :) I giggled over your Babar tradition - how adorable!

  6. Great traditions! The Babar one is cute!

  7. We did the open one present on Christmas Eve too! But we usually opened 2 because one was always a new pair of Christmas Jammies. Our stockings always were put on the end of our beds too. I love the Babar one!