Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Highs and Lows

I don't know about all of you but Thanksgiving Break, seriously could not come soon enough. Between school, riding, activities, and still trying to have a social life (a definite FAIL) last week was completely crazy. Here are some of the highlights of the past week-ish (and I'll start with the lows first because it's best to get those out of the way!)

  • The Horseshow at _____ (they know who they are haha)- The horseshow that our team went to the weekend of the 13th was seriously one of the WORST shows ever. Personally I rode pretty well and was overall very happy with both my ride and my horse (although even though I love the color pink if I get another 5th place I will flip out) but the judge was seriously HORRIBLE. In one class all 3 of our riders didn't place (and two of them definitely should have) and the school that was hosting the show, and prides themselves on having an amazing equestrian program, didn't have the courtesy to start even remotely on time. We have to go back there in February and I'm really not looking forward to it.
  • School- I think the Communication department at my school made a pack to kill all of their students right before Thanksgiving. I have not had that much work in my life and am really not looking forward to finals...although I think they actually might be easier to handle than last week was!
  • Mental Breakdowns- Last Wednesday was a really LONGGG day that ended with me crying on the phone to my dad while walking to the library, going to two meetings with makeup all over my face, then coming home, drinking a glass of wine (by myself. in my room. in the dark), getting a McFlurry, drinking more wine, falling asleep and then waking up at 3am to do work that was supposed to be emailed at 12 am. Solid.
  • BRUUUUCE- The Bruce Springsteen concert was seriously the most AMAZING concert I have ever seen in my entire life. He played the entire Born to Run Album (with Prove It All Night and Jungleland being AMAZING) and then played (among a ton of other fantastic songs) Because the Night and Born in the USA...I seriously DIED. What made the night even better was that S, M, and I went to this bar across the street, both before and after the concert, that played great music and was overall a TON of fun!
  • New Moon- My friends and I went to the midnight showing on Thursday and it was amazing...SO much better than Twilight! It's funny though, although I liked it at the time, the more I think back on it the more I realize I absolutely LOVED it, and I really want to go and see it again...although that's not going to happen right now because none of my friends at home having gotten into the series. They have no idea what they're missing haha!
  • A Third Interview- After having a second interview the week before, and not hearing back all week about whether or not I got a third, and final interview (which partly contributed to my breakdown on Wednesday), on Friday I found out I got a third interview with this company! The interview is a week from Wednesday, and although I'm REALLY nervous, I can't wait. The job is similar to what I did this summer (digital marketing) and I think that I would be really great in this position. Keep your fingers crossed!
So that was my week in a nutshell, and now I'm SO happy that I'm home! Can't believe that Thanksgiving is only a couple days away...can't WAIT!


  1. JEALOUS of the Bruce show! LOVE seeing him in concert, it is always amazing! Did he play Thunder Road??

  2. Very jealous of the Bruce show. I've heard nothing but amazing things from it. He was just in town last week and I wanted to go soooo bad. Tear. ANd congrats on the third interview. YAY!!!

  3. Sorry about all the lows! BOOOOOOO!

    But Bruce and Twilight... amazing! :) So glad you had a good time! Have a happy, happy turkey day! XOX

  4. The week before break is always such a long one, but at least its over now!!!

    Congrats on the third interview!! I am 100% with you about New Moon, I loved it!

  5. Congrats on the interview! I hope you get to go home to Boston for Thanksgiving!

  6. I want New Moon to come out on video asap! I want to see it again, but I can't handle a theater of screaming girls again.