Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tunes Tuesday: I Feel Old Edition

I was going to do a completely different theme for this week's Tunes Tuesday, until I took a quick break in our sorority suite (we don't have sorority houses here) and was watching Dancing with the Stars with two girls in the Sophomore pledge class. We were talking about the different people dancing but when Aaron Carter came on they wondered why he was on the show because they didn't think he was known for anything except for being Nick Carter's brother. I quickly reminded them of Aaron's Party (one of my FAV songs haha) but they didn't really know it, and only kinda knew he had his own (short-lived) singing career...WOW did I feel old! So in honor of this story I decided this week to share some of my favorite songs of the 90s...this is only a brief list though...look for more of my fav 90s songs in the future!

Ace of Base-The Sign

Aqua-Barbie Girl
(Really any Aqua song...LOVE them!)

Sorry...couldn't embed this one!

Genie in a Bottle-Christina Aguilera

If You Want it to Be Good Girl-Backstreet Boys

Never Had a Dream Come True-S Club 7

Aaron's Party-Aaron Carter (sorry I could find the actual music video to embed!)



  1. BAHAHAHA! I love this :)

    Love Ace of Base, Aqua, etc. Your forgetting Brit and J.Simp but I'll forgive you this time :o)

  2. oh my goodness, i did love me some s club 7. there may still be a single or two floating around my ipod :)

  3. Ace of Base rocked my world. I had a pink boom box and loved to roller skate to all of their songs. (Don't judge) Hahah! Way to take it back old school!

  4. All great picks! I used to loooooove S Club 7!!!

  5. LOVE all of these! Aaron's Party came on my friends iPod the other night and we had an intense dance party. Also, The Sign always makes me think of the episode of Full House where Stephanie and her friends enter the talent competition.. the memories!

  6. I love The Sign! Talk about old - totally dating myself here, but they played that song over and over at my eighth-grade graduation dance.

  7. haha, I remember every single one of those songs!!! Even most of the lyrics! Now I feel super old too!

  8. GREAT choices and most of those are on my Ipod!!! I especially love I Saw the Sign.

  9. wow - this was so high school. love this post.