Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Recap in Pictures

I was going over my posts today, and besides from my Tunes Tuesday posts, (which I don't know about all of you but I've been having a great time digging through my Itunes to come up with songs and a theme) and I noticed that I have been a REALLY bad blogger lately. All of the school work that goes along with senior year has been catching up with me, and the fact that I have be (semi) actively job hunting. Which reminds me...remember the job interview that I had a couple weeks ago? Well it went really well because I have a second interview on Tuesday! I have no idea if this is going to go anywhere but I really hope it does because 1.) I need a job, 2.) the company sounds really cool and it's in a field (digital marketing) that I'm interested in and 3.) I REALLY need a job!

Besides from that nothing that exciting has happend so I decided that I would recap my last couple weeks in pictures...because nothing is more fun than that right? These are from the last two weeks and include my bday, halloween, and my other housemate S's bday. Enjoy!

(The bday cake my housemates got for me)

(If you can't tell I was Wonder Woman!)

(My glittle A, me, one of my littles N, and my other glittle J)

(me and my other little E)

(Celebrating S's bday)

(Her first [legal] drink!)

I also have seen that other bloggers are saying something that they are thankful for each day of November, and while I can't promise to say something each day I'm going to do the best I can! Today I'm thankful for the "Leaves" scented candle that I got from Bath and Body Works. I can't really describe the smell but it's delish and is making my room smell like Fall!


  1. Your birthday cake is so cute! And happy (late) birthday!

  2. Leaves is my favorite too! It reminds me of apple cider!

  3. Cute pictures! I love your Wonder Woman costume - you look adorable!