Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Recap

Happy (early) Tuesday...yay for getting through Monday! My Monday was FABULOUS (never thought I would say that haha) one because of the beautiful fall weather, and more importantly the fact that one of my afternoon classes got canceled today...WAHOO! O man I seriously LOVE when that happens (not that it happens often) and today was the perfect time because instead of quickly grabbing something to go after my riding practice I got to go home and eat lunch/shower before my 5pm class...it was definitely the break I needed.

This weekend was great but busy! We had a horse show about an hour and a half away on Saturday, so Friday night the entire team packed up and headed off to stay in a hotel for a night before going to the show on Saturday morning. Friday night was fun and so relaxing...I was in a room with two of my good friends on the team, and one girl that I didn't know as well and we all just hung out and watched Runaway Bride on TNT which I hadn't seen in forever and forgot how much I loved it...Seriously that movie is SO cute!

Saturday we all woke up at 6am (AHH!) and got to the show at 7am however it was still too dark to start schooling the horses so we had to wait a while before we finally got started. We had two shows in one day (instead of spreading them out over the entire weekend) which lead to a very successful (Our team won the first show, got second in the second show, and I had a great ride which I was SO happy about) but LONG day! We left at around 630ish, got home by 8pm, and I was in bed by midnight (I seriously felt so cool going to bed so early on a Saturday night haha.) Here are a couple pics from the show:

The sunrise haha

Representing KD at the show (there are 5 of us on the team which is SO much fun!)

Myself in action...ignore the weird smile haha

Sunday was a VERY lazy day. I ended up watching a marathon on TV Land of Married with Children (and yes I did laugh at some parts...don't judge) did some laundry, did homework, and watched Titanic which was also on TNT. Wow I LOVE that movie (I always have to watch it on tv even though I have it on dvd) but it made me so depressed that night. Soooo that was my weekend...very busy but so much fun!


  1. Look at you on the horse! So cool! The sunrise picture looks pretty great. Married with Children? Hahhah. Okay, I laughed. Nothing like a lazy day like that to get you ready for a new week.

  2. Glad everything went so well with the show!!

  3. Oh wow, that show looks like so much fun and I love the pictures of you and the sunset, so beautiful!

  4. I love the horse show pictures! The one of you is great - so impressed! Congrats on doing so well at the shows!

  5. Love the pics from your horse show and sounds like you had a great time! Wanted to let you know that I left you something on my blog, so come on over and check it out! Have a great one!

  6. so stylish. ah... wish i can ride like that. : )

  7. I rode in college my first two years, these pics bring back memories. It's funny how different intercollegiate shows are different than a normal circuit.