Monday, July 20, 2009

Boston Belle and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Weekend

Ok so I might be exaggerating just a teeny bit but why pass up the opportunity to reference one of my favorite kids books? The last time I posted I mentioned all of the fun things that I had hoped to do this past weekend including: having drinks and dinner with C and seeing Harry Potter on Friday, working/shopping at our towns sidewalk sales and having dinner and drinks with my manager (who I'm good friends with) T on Saturday, and going to Six Flags with T on Sunday. 

Welp instead of doing all of those fun things I spent the weekend on the couch feeling like crap and spending time with my friends Tylenol, Pepcid AC, Kleenex, Weeds, Grey's Anatomy, and Roswell (yes I def went old school with that last one...that was how bored I was and bonus points to any bloggers out there if you watched it too!) UGH I am SOOO freaking sad that I missed out on all my fun activities this weekend and generally enjoying this nice weather! I was starting to feel better yesterday so my family and I went to Rockport which was SO much fun and it was BEAUTIFUL! 

Today I played hooky from work and went to the doctor who gave me some stuff so hopefully I'll be feeling much better soon. I also went to Bloomingdales after the doctor which was fun and made me feel better...funny how shopping can do that! That's about it to report but I hope everyone had a great weekend and had alot more fun than I did.  Oh and before I forget how good was True Blood and Entourage last night?? Jessica has seriously become one of my fav characters on True Blood and Entourage just made me so happy especially when Vince and the boys were walking the red carpet to the song Dance Tonight. Hope you all enjoyed it too! 


  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  2. I hope you feel better, I think a trip to Bloomingdales would make me feel better as well.

  3. Keep getting that rest. Sorry your feeling so crummy. Don't forget lots of liquids.

  4. Hope you feel better love! At least you had some good shows to keep you company! :) XOXO

    P.s. Love your post title!

  5. Oh what a bummer! I hope you feel better ASAP!