Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hopping on the Ebay Bandwagon

Well I've avoided it for a VERY long time but with my shopping addiction we all knew this day would come...I've officially become ADDICTED to ebay. However as a (very cheap) newbie I've only bid on one item (that I lost out on booo) and am watching like 800 others but one item I have my eye on (I don't want to say it to jinx it haha) ends tonight so you all might be getting another post from me sharing my great steal! My mom is an ebay fanatic so she's given me some great advice but I'm always up for more so if there are some secrets to ebay that you want to share let me know! 

I basically did nothing this weekend which was exactly what I wanted and it was SO relaxing! This was the first weekend that I was home in 2 weeks so it was so nice to spend it with my family and enjoy the nice weather! Friday was the most BEAUTIFUL day so I spent the entire day laying out, and then meeting up with Jillian before going to one of my favorite restaurants in town for dinner. My family has been going there for years, basically ever since its opened so we know everyone there including the chefs haha and its always nice because at the end of the night everyone usually sits down with us and it is so much fun!! 

Saturday I worked in the morning and then my dad and I went to sail boston to see the tall ships in the harbor. It was SOOO much fun...these ships apparently only come once every couple years and yesterday was my first time seeing the ships. My dad and I had such a great time together walking around and looking at the beautiful ships and the weather was perfect as well. We didn't end up going out last night but grilled out and ate in the backyard and then watching the Sox KILL the KC Royals which officially puts them 2.5 games above the Yankees WOOHOO! After that I watched the movie Contact with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey that I DVRed on TNT....I first watched that movie in my 11th grade astronomy class (don't ask me why haha) but I forgot how much I liked it! It's SUPER cheesy and it's funny to laugh at the 90s clothes but the idea is really interesting. Today I'm stuck working while my parents and dog are going to Rockport but tonight we're meeting up with my dad's godson J and his roommate for dinner which should be fun before watching True Blood and Entourage which will be the perfect end to a GREAT weekend!