Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring and Happy April 1st everyone!! The weather is gorgeous here today, and after the gross weather yesterday everyone is in such a great mood! So a couple days ago I mentioned the Felix Ray bags at Target and today during class (which was SO boring today) I was looking
at them and found a bunch of really cute ones. Here are my favs:


I really want to go shopping ASAP but I'm trying to slow down my addiction so these may have to wait for a bit but still there's no harm in looking!!

So did anyone see the Real Housewives NY last night? Kell-amity indeed!!  Seriously though I have never ever seen anyone that crazy on reality tv... she is completely delusional. And I have never been a huge Bethany fan but after sitting there and taking the crazy that Kelly was throwing at her...good for her!! Can't wait for next week to see what other craziness is in store!! Hope everyone is having a good april fools day...did any pull a great prank today/had one pulled on them?


  1. I love that shell detail on the dark blue one. I just can't figure out where they find people who would agree to do these shows. You'd think that they would know it can't possibly reflect well on them.

  2. The blue and white clutch is on my list!