Sunday, April 26, 2009

Under Pressure....

No I'm not talking about the Bowie/Queen song (although I LOVE that song and am humming it to myself right now haha) but about the fact that I have come to the realization that I cannot do any work of any kind unless I have an EXACT deadline that is rapidly approaching. Case in point: one of my good friends and sorority sister just called me to see if she could borrow my computer cord to use for the rest of the night because hers is broken. Even though I have had ALL DAY to work on this project that is due tomorrow, knowing that I will only have a couple hours until my computer dies has given me the motivation to finish this project [although I'm not doing a very good job since I'm blogging right now ;)] Bah....does anyone have any advice on how to work ahead instead of being a horrible procrastinator like me? 

Anyhoo in other news I had a FABULOUS weekend! A very long post (with pictures!) will be coming tomorrow but for tonight I wanted to go into a rant. I have come to the conclusion that people are RUDE and this fact makes me kinda sad. Two examples to back this up: 1.) My friends and I were standing at this bar on Friday night waiting to get served. One of my friends who was ahead of me stepped back to let me get through, and as I was stepping back to let them get by, this guy came out of NOWHERE (and I mean I think he literally ran from the entrance to the actual bar) and completely cut all of us! When my friends and I (politely) told him that his response was "that sucks"....RUDE!!! 2.) At the same bar (which has an outdoor patio) I was walking inside, and this guy smoking a cig in back of me flicks it and totally burns my foot. While I'm hopping up and down and trying to go back outside he turns to me and goes "Oh baby did I do that?" Ok so first off I don't know you and am definitely NOT your baby and second of all yes you did and it would be nice if you apologized...RUDE! 3.) (I just thought of one more incident) Last weekend my housemates and I threw a very informal "beer olympics" with many sorority sisters (including freshman girls who we don't know that well) coming over. Even though we didn't have many games we thought that everyone had a great time until one of my housemates saw that the the caption under a picture that a freshman girl took and posted on facebook said "most disorganized beer olympics ever" Um ok since when has it been ok to come to a house with people that you don't know very well and then criticize them??? RUDE! 

Whew rant is now over!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend with this beautiful (i think it was warm in most areas) weather!

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  1. What a great song - now it's in my head! But that's ok. Better than many alternatives.

    Glad you had a good weekend :)