Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain Rain...

GO AWAY! Ew it has been SO gross this week, and this rain has NOT been helping my very lazy mood that I've had lately. I'm done with all the work that I had this week and now I just have to get ready for FINALS that I have next week :( I just keep telling myself that in exactly one week I will be DONE...woohoo!! 

Tonight I have my last family dinner of the year. I am so sad that my big is graduating and I will miss her so much next year! Anyone else SO excited for the Lily Pulitzer/Kenneth Jay Lane/ CC Skye sales at RueLaLa tomorrow? I really really CAN'T buy anything right now but it never hurts to look right? ;) 

So that's about it...sorry I've been MIA on posting/commenting/basically all bloggy activities. I probably will have a post this weekend with pictures but then that's probably it until I'm done however I might post another Procrastination post or two! Good luck to everyone preparing/going through finals right now!


  1. Hang in there. Just one more week! I keep repeating that to myself and it's helping me get through.

  2. Oh crunch time. It's the greatest, isn't it? Ha! Best of luck on getting all your last papers and assignments turned in and I hope you ace all of your exams :)

  3. Just found your blog. I am moving to Boston next week! xoxo KAG ps come enter my fun giveaway.