Friday, May 8, 2009


So this post is a little late in coming but as of 2pm yesterday I am officially on summer vacation and FINISHED with my junior year!! YAHOOO (well on the first part...the second i'm pretty sad about and can't even think about the "S" word yet haha) Right now I'm in Ann Arbor MI for my dad's godson's graduation from Med School, and it is SO nice to just be relaxing in bed this morning know that I don't have to do ANYTHING but just have fun today! My dad, I, his best friend, and daughter are all going to walk around the Michigan campus today (both my dad and his BFF went to Michigan and were roommates and can't WAIT to show us around) and this afternoon is the graduation which will be so great. 

Tomorrow my dad and I (my mom is at home with the new dog) will start the VERY long road trip back to Boston so I'm sure you all will definitely get some updates from the road from me!! Congrats to all the Collage grads out there, and also to everyone who finished with their finals. I also want to thank everyone in the blogworld for their great support and to Gracie Beth for her finals prayer list... that was such a great idea!! Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Way to go! I am ready to be done! 2 to go on Tuesday for me!

  2. So jealous of you! I am not even finished classes yet (last day is Tuesday which in my opinion is highly stupid...)! Then I have finals until May 18th! Enjoy your summer vacation!

  3. Awesome! I know what you mean, it's such a shock when you just finish one year and everyone says "Now you're a _____" for the next year. It's too fast and too much of a jump for me. Have an amazing summer!