Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is it just me?

This is the first of probably many "is it just me" posts however this one is only going to be about the MTV movie awards so if you didn't watch them this will probably be pretty boring!! 

Ok so like I said in my previous post about Twitter (side note: thanks to everyone who's following me!!) I LOVE the MTV movie awards...or at least I used to. Tonight I found to be pretty bad however I want to say it's because the "quality" of the show has totally gone downhill and not the fact that I'm probably getting too old for this! Some random thoughts about the show
- Miley Cyrus' speech made my ears bleed
- ditto goes for whenever Kristen Stewart came up to speak 
- although I can't deny that Rob Pattinson is effing hot the more I see him IRL (and not as Edward) he always kinda skeeves me out....and I haven't determined if it's a good or bad way
- I'm slightly terrified that that weird guy in the gold suit with the popcorn head that escorted people off the stage is going to attack me in my room tonight
- I don't care how stupid his line's were, Andy Samberg always made me laugh esp his "trailer" for New Moon
- although I still like the books...I'm starting to get a little sick of Twilight and wished that Slumdog Millionaire won more awards
- wearing Converses with a dress does not make you makes you look like you have no fashion sense (I'm looking at you Kristen Stewart)
- can't WAIT for Bruno to come out...looks so funny!!

Off to bed to get ready for my first day!

PS- Just found out that my second cousin (I have a really small family so we're all really close) just got deployed for his second tour in thoughts/prayers go out to him and his family


  1. I love Andy Samberg...however I did not think Twilight was worthy of best film LOVED kings of leon though!

  2. thank you for the book recommendation! I definitely want to start something by Jane Green soon :)

  3. I can't believe I missed all of this! loveee andy samberg!