Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday C!!

     (the only slightly old picture I could find of the two of us due to computer crashes earlier this year!)

So like I mentioned earlier today is my BFF's 21st birthday and I could NOT be happier! C and I first met in the 4th grade when we both went trick or treating with a mutual friend of ours, and we both HATED each other because we both thought that we were "best friends" with the mutual friend so we couldn't be friends with each other. In the 6th grade when C came to my school, we still weren't really friends with each other and really only became close in high school. C and I have had the CRAZIEST and most random experiences together and I am SOO happy that she is finally 21!! I can't wait to celebrate with her tonight and it is going to be so much fun!!

On a totally different note....does anyone else feel like they just went though an emotional battlefield last night just by watching tv?? First there was Grey's which I was a little teary throughout but by the end I was shouting at the TV and bawling (I won't say why for anyone who hasn't watched it yet but the last 5 min are a DOOZY!!) Then I watched the Office, and was crying at the end of that too because I was just so happy for Jim and Pam and think they are the cutest! The worst for me was Bones, (don't know if anyone out there watches it but if you don't you should) which I watched last because I didn't think it was going to be sad at all and then had such a sad ending that I started crying all over again! WHEW... I don't think I can handle any sadness on tv for a while! 

So I think this will probably be it for me until I come back from Ireland. I hope everyone has a great week and can't wait to catch up with you all when I come back!  Oh and I know swap partners for the koozie and summer swap are going to be announced Monday so future partners if you read this I'll try to email you in Ireland but most likely will email you after!


  1. Have a blast in Ireland!!
    xxxx me

  2. Have a great time celebrating and have a wonderful time in Ireland! My parents just got back - they said the food is fabulous and very meat centric...and, of course, there's drinking all week long. :)

  3. i still have not seen GG or OTH from this week of last. also the greys finale. do you disown me?!

  4. ooo wow! ireland! thats so awesome!