Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Hello Hello!! Before I go into details about my very boring day (not that you really care haha) I would love to thank all of you that are sending prayers out to my neighbor's daughter. She has stabilized since Monday which is GREAT news, and I think they are doing many more tests today so we should find out more. Thanks to all for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers and I will keep you all updated! 
So like I mentioned my day today has been SOOO boring, and it's not helping that it is cold, rainy and overall completely gross today. I mean, why is it fifty degrees and almost June 1st??? Let's hope that summer weather comes soon(to the east coast at least... I am so jealous of you southern ladies!)  I haven't really done much since getting back from Ireland excepting working a little at a boutique where I worked last summer but it has been very nice to relax before starting my internship (gulp) on Monday. I have been catching up on tv shows I missed while I was away and just watched the GG/OTH finales yesterday...ahhhh the last scene of GG was AMAZING!!! I am so in love with Blair and Chuck and can't wait for next season!! 

I  did get some exciting news on Monday in that in three weeks I will be headed here:

That's right I'll be headed for Naples for my housemate S's bday! I am sooo excited and cannot wait! My housemates and I went there for spring break and it was so much fun. I am completely obsessed with Naples and can't wait to go back to the gorgeous beaches, pier, and very yummy restaurants!! 

Unfortunately right now after a steady diet of bread, cheese, desserts, and WAY too much beer in Ireland I feel (and look)  like this:

Sadly enough I don't think I've been to the gym since April so I really need to start getting in shape!! I have loved reading about how many of you are hitting the gym and getting ready for summer so I will make sure to keep you all updated on my progress!! 

One last thing did anyone see the ad for that new Bravo show NYC (or NY I don't remember) Prep which looks like a "real life" GG? I saw the ad while watching RHNJ this morning and I am SO excited for it. Between that, Army Wives, True Blood, Weeds, and Top Chef Masters I can't wait for summer shows to start! 

So I think that will be all for today...I know I promised pictures from Ireland but I have been WAY too lazy so look for them soon! Oh and does anyone know what happened to Bergdorf Blondes and Kappa Prep? I guess I missed Hopsy's notice about going private so Hopsy if you are reading this or if anyone could shoot her an email with my email ( I would LOVE to keep reading her blog!! 


  1. Oh I simply love love love Naples. HAve fun. Also good luck with your internship. xoxo

  2. Naples is the Best. The shopping in Historic downtown is fabulous. I so know what you mean about not hitting the gym.. I love to eat and drink and it starting to show. I need to get back to running. Ireland sounds like so much fun. When did Kappa Prep go private? xxx me

  3. Hopsy commented on my blog that she will be back soon. I don't know what happened.

    I found recording my running progress on my blog did help with my motivation, especially when I received encouraging comments from readers :)

    Good luck with the internship and what a treat to look forward to!

    And, yeah, I'm shivering tonight. Huh??

  4. I can't wait to see your pictures!!

    Good luck on your new internship - I hope it goes awesome for you!!

  5. It's been yucky cold and rainy here in Chicago too. See your from Boston. I love Boston, I lived in Connecticut for 3 years. Boston is a great place, lots to see and do.

    Love your blog, I'll stop by again. Come on over and visit me a while if you get a chance.

  6. Yay for Naples!! :) I'm so jealous... Ireland and Naples, lucky lady!

    Hope that your neighbor's daughter is doing well, please keep us updated!

    ALSO, BB went private... but I didn't get to her blog in time for her to add me, so if you figure out how to get ahold of her... PLEASE let me know, I LOVE her blog!

    Have a good weekend(esp before your internship!)

  7. Ohhhhh have fun! That sounds divine!!

  8. ah! The ending scene of GG made me DIE! lol, i just loved it! i'm so jealous you're getting to go to florida! That's where i'm from, but i'm spending my summer in the North. you're going to have a blast!


  9. Just discovered your blog...always nice to find another belle out there in the world. My son was just talking about his visit to Ireland last night. He can't wait until we can all go...his photos are gorgeous.