Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tweet Tweet!

So as I'm sure you can tell by the title of this post (and through the neat little section on my sidebar)  I'm finally on Twitter! I needed to get an account set up for my internship this summer (which starts tomorrow...gulp) so while I was filling everything out I thought that I would create a "fun" non-work account too! If you can't get enough of me through blogging and want to know more about my boring life (which I'm sure all of you do hehe) feel free to follow along! Even if you don't really care about what I do feel free to follow too because I don't have any followers right now and would love to have the impression that I have some friends haha. Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Ps-WOOHOO MTV movie awards are on tonight! Even though I'm probably like 5 years older than the target audience I still love this and the VMAs sometimes more than the "real" award shows

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  1. oohh following you right now. I am kaitlinc08