Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye Lost

After 6 long years of watching and wondering what exactly was going on with this show, I can't believe that LOST is finally over. I started watching about halfway through the first season (my sophomore year in High School) with a couple girlfriends simply because we were in love with both Jack and Sawyer (still are.) Over the years as the show got more complicated most of my friends eventually stopped watching but my friend G and I stuck with it and would always get together to watch the season finale after we were both done with school for the year. Although I had to watch the last episode by myself this year (G hasn't graduated yet) it was still amazing and I really can't believe how quickly these past 6 years have flown by!

I'm sure there are a ton of mixed feelings but I for one absolutely loved it. I cried MANY times throughout the episode (mainly the last scene with Jack and Vincent, and when both Sawyer/Juliet and Jack/Kate reunited) but thought it was a very sweet and uplifting ending. I also LOVED the Lost themed Target commercials and the "alternate" endings on Jimmy Kimmel So I guess I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Lost for providing 6 great years of entertainment! I know that there are a ton of theories out there so what did you all think?



  1. My Uncle is the TV critic for USA Today and called it the best show of all time. He's been encouraging me to watch it for 6 years. I missed it. and now I need to get my hands on he seasons so I can catch up! xo

  2. It was so amazing, I watched it from the beginning but stopped watching when they killed off Booth. But then last year a friend of mine would come to school every day after it aired and tell me all the crazy stuff that had happened so that summer I watched every season and got totally addicted. Then we got all of our friends addicted(5 of them) and we all watched it together. Now personally, I was a Sawyer/Kate fan, but I was ok with the way it ended. and Charlie and Claire made me cry like a baby.

    It will definitely be missed.