Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I'm Obsessed With Right Now

Since most of my tv shows have ended for the summer (except Glee) and True Blood doesn't start for another couple weeks I thought I'd share a band that I'm totally obsessed with right now. Have any of you all heard of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros? They are a fairly new band, and are mainly known for touring the country in a giant school bus. I don't remember where I first heard them, but after I heard "Home" I was immediately hooked. I just googled them to find out more about them (I didn't really) but did see that they're going on a tour this summer which would be really fun to see. I do admit that some of their music is kinda weird and could definitely be described as a little "hippie" but I absolutely love it and also think that it's perfect for summer. So without further ado here are my three favorite songs:


40 Day Dream

Janglin' (this was on an episode of gossip girl)

What music are you all loving right now?


  1. I love home! I didn't know who sang it though - thanks so much for the post and great songs :)

  2. They (He? It?) has come up on my Indie Hits Slacker station before! I recognized the first song when I played it. Wish I could've listened to the last one, but apparently the user removed it. :-(

  3. I have been totally addicted to 40 Day Dream, I love it, its been on my monthly playlists for forever!