Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday morning! So first I wanted to mention the most AMAZING giveaway that Fantabulously Frugal is hosting. She is the most generous person ever and is offering 3 different packages with various goodies in them such as Gucci sunglasses, gift certificates and other amazing things! So head on over there enter, and if you do PLEASE mention that I sent you!!

So the other news is that I'm going to my sorority semi-formal tonight, and of course can't figure out what to wear. So maybe you all can weigh in! Here are the options: (oh and sorry for the crappy photo quality...I took them on my phone haha)

Option 1: I haven't worn this since freshman year but it's basic and cute and has a fun back (see below)

The back of Option 1

Option 2: I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the dress is a really deep, pretty forest green. I love this dress and wore it to a semi sophomore year, but the only problem is that it's a little tight and can make it hard to breathe haha.

Option 3: This dress I wore for recruitment last year and it's REALLY pretty and comfy however I do need to add "chicken cutlets" and a good dose of fashion tape to make it work on top haha.

Option 4: Oops, sorry I didn't rotate the picture, but this dress I bought yesterday and is navy with ruffles on top.

So....which one do you like?

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