Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Can you all believe that it's Christmas Eve already?? Wow I am SO excited that Christmas is (almost) here!! Today my dad and I have a big day ahead of us in that it's been our Christmas tradition (since I was about 6 and my dad ACTUALLY forgot to buy my mom presents that year) to go shopping for my mom together on Christmas Eve day at Copley Plaza/ the Pru Center in Boston. I absolutely love this tradition with my dad, and the Copley is always so pretty at Christmas.

My aunt and uncle aren't coming out this year (we're just going to meet them in CA for new years) so it's just going to be our (very small) family for Christmas which I'm actually so excited for! Tonight my family and I are going to dinner in Boston (another tradition) before going to midnight mass which is seriously something that I look forward to all year. It is absolutely beautiful, and my favorite part is when everyone sings Silent Night (one of my favorite Christmas songs) by candle light. Tomorrow we're going to my neighbors for their annual Christmas party, and then have a very relaxing night, and either go to a movie, or just get take out and watch holiday movies. I hope you all have a FANTASTIC holiday, and that Santa is good to you all this year!