Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Recap

Happy 2 days after Christmas everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday! Santa was VERY good to me this year and left me lots of goodies including a ton of books and dvds (one of them was the 5th season of Lost which I can't WAIT to watch), a North Face coat, and snow boots! We had a very relaxing Christmas day and then went over to my neighbor's for cocktails which was interesting to say the least. I love my neighbors but they don't always have an edit button on what they say especially when they've been drinking for a couple hours so I definitely heard more about they' life (they're also in their mid-60s) than I wanted to know!! After the party we came back home, ordered Chinese and watched The Holiday and I'll Be home for Christmas which made a very nice Christmas night!

Everyone has posted pictures of their Christmas decorations, and I guess that I'm a little late to the party considering it's after Christmas haha but my mom goes all out around the holidays so here they are.

(most of our ornaments lean towards the handmade/folksy kind and I love this one which we got in Vermont one year)

(The Christmas Barbar which I think I told you all about in my christmas traditions post)

(all of our stockings....and yes my dog does have his own!)

(my grandmother who is VERY proud of her Norwegian/Viking heritage gave this nutcracker to us)

Today, I'm off to Boston to exchange a gift for my dad, and use a couple gift certificates before coming home to pack for CA tomorrow! I hope you all had a great holiday....what did Santa leave for you?


  1. Lovely! That is a HUGE tree!

  2. What pretty decorations! Glad you guys had a nice holiday!

  3. Your house looks so cute...I hope you enjoy Lost season 5!!! I'm so exciteddddd for the final season to begin.

  4. Pretty decorations!

    I laughed when I saw Barbar - I remember your blog post about that!