Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

I absolutely LOVE movies but given my busy schedule at school I don't really get to see them this often. Over these past two weeks I've seen more movies than I have in a while and it's been fantastic! Last Sunday my friends and I went to see Avatar in 3D which I wanted to see just because everyone has seen it but I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not.

Well I absolutely LOVED it. Although the story was totally cheesy I still loved it, and the effects were absolutely beautiful and amazing. Seeing it in 3D was definitely the way to go, and if anyone hasn't seen it you should go right now...I actually wouldn't mind seeing it again!

Yesterday my friends and I went to see When in Rome which I kind of didn't want to see just because of the 800 ads that they've been running but I was pleasantly surprised again.

While it wasn't the best in the world it was really cute, and some parts were pretty funny...Josh Duhamel was also pretty nice to stare at too! Overall it was a fun movie and a good choice for a Saturday afternoon.

When we got back we didn't really feel like going out, so we all decided to get take out and have a movie night at home. The first movie we rented was Nights in Rodanthe which I always wanted to see when it got out but never got the chance to.

Ok so I did end up missing a chunk of it because I was doing laundry but I saw about half of it and absolutely LOVED it and also DIED at the ending. I recommend this to everyone and really want to see the first half and also read the book as well.

After, we watched Disturbia which was on TNT (absolutely love that movie) and then rented I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. I absolutely loved this book (even though many of the stories are SO wrong haha) and was really curious to see how they were going to make it into a movie.

It was really funny, and I was happy that some of my favorite stories from the book made it in, but I liked the book alot more and would definitely recommend it over the movie. Today was another lazy day spent doing a TON of homework and not much else. I also watched the Grammy's tonight and have to say that I was kinda unimpressed. I LOVED Gaga and Elton John in the beginning, and thought that Bon Jovi was fun but I didn't really like a lot of the other performances. Oh and I think I'm in the definite minority here but is anyone else besides me getting a little annoyed with Taylor Swift? I like her music but there's something about her that totally annoys me, and I was getting REALLY sick of seeing her so many times tonight!

So that was my boring weekend in a nutshell. Anyone else do anything exciting or see any good movies?


  1. My boyfriend and I watched I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and I agree with you the book was 10x better than the movie. Have you read the new version of the book with updates?

  2. I want to see When In Rome. I don't really think the ads look that great but I love Josh Duhamel.
    I LOVE Nights in Rodanthe! The book is 10x better than the movie but the movie is soo good!

  3. I loved Avatar! I was totally against going to see it, but went on a whim, and I loveloveloved it!

    Dying to go see When in Rome, I love Kristen Bell! She is too cute!!

    Loved the Nights in Rodanthe book way more than the movie... love me some Richard Gere though!! :)

    Oh and I liked the last performance the best... AMAZING!! And I was upset that T.Swift won so many awards. I love her music but come on Beyonce and Gaga were AMAZING this year!

  4. I want to see When in Rome! Also, I'm torn on Avatar. I know the story is both stolen and cliche, and I don't want to support poor writing in movies (especially since this movie is up for so many big awards). But I would like to see the effects while it's still in the theaters. I have an IMAX right down the road; I should just suck it up and go.

  5. I cried and cried watching My Sister's Keeper.