Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday!

One of my many new years resolutions is not only to lose weight but to get healthy in general. My weight has definitely fluctuated since the beginning of high school but I have always been bigger than I've wanted to be, so, since I'm graduating this year, I decided that now's the best time to start dropping those lbs (Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale is also a great motivator as well!) I've been pretty good about working out 5 days a week (I really need to start working out on the weekend as well) and counting calories with a food diary, but to keep myself accountable I decided to track my weight loss and have weight loss Wednesdays!

Ok so for this week I've lost: 2.5lbs. So happy to be off to a good start and can't wait to track my progress!


  1. You go girl! Cute "weight loss wednesdays" logo!

  2. Literally my life story.. I may have to join you in this weekly udate! :)

  3. Good work, keep it going. I am starting WW next week!