Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Bowl!

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone! Even though I'm not a huge football fan I'm SO excited for the big game just for an excuse to watch alot of tv, drink, and eat snack foods all day. Who are you all rooting for? I think I'm going to cheer on the Saints just because this is their first time and I always love an underdog haha. I also cannot WAIT for the commercials...those and the halftime show are always the highlights for me. A couple friends of ours are hosting a party so we're going to head over there later today and it should be a blast!

In other was everyone's weekend did you all get alot of snow? We got a good amount on Friday and are supposed to get another storm Tuesday which I'm actually kind of excited for! Friday my housemates and I went over to happy hour at one of our favorite bars, and then a friend's party where I drank a little too much haha so on Saturday we were just kinda of lazy and stayed in which was nice and a perfect way to enjoy the snowy day! Oh and I'm sorry about not doing a Weight-Loss Wednesday this week...our internet has been screwy lately but I loss 1lb this week which brings my total up to 3.5lbs so far (but I'm probs going to gain a good chunk of that back today!) Oh and before I end...what did you all think of LOST? So I'm not really sure but are they now doing alternate timelines? I was so confused throughout the whole thing but I absolutely LOVED it and I was also so sad that Juliet died for real this time I always liked her and Sawyer together. Enjoy the Super Bowl!


  1. I cannot WAIT for the Super Bowl! I'm supposed to go to a friend's to watch, but at present, I feel terrible so that's iffy. I'm pulling for the Colts though - Peyton Manning is a bit God-like around these parts! I also have to watch the Super Bowl for a grade. Shame.

    No snow in Knoxville - just a lot of rain, as per usual!

  2. Hope you had a great time yesterday!! And good for you on losing some lb's -- I definitely found what you lost after all I ate yesterday! Don't ever do your taxes when there is tons of food and drinks around...especially if you end up owing in $$.

  3. Hope you had fun at the Superbowl and good job working out! I must catch up on Lost, it sounds really good!

  4. We are getting hit with lots of snow today and the schools had early release because of it.