Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Fever

Has anyone else out there gotten swept up in Olympic Fever? I literally have been watching it every possible moment and they have been amazing so far! I think my favorites to watch have been all of the skiing events and the figure skating. I was absolutely amazed when Lindsey Vonn won the gold, and think that it is absolutely amazing that she was able to win despite her injury. I'm watching Ice Dancing right now, and even though some of it is a little weird, I'm a total sucker for all of the dramatic performances. I think my favorites so far have been the Americans who skated to Phantom of the Opera, and the couple who skated to the theme from Requiem for a Dream...both performances were fantastic! I also cannot WAIT for the womens figure skating tomorrow night it should be amazing. GO TEAM USA! What have been your favorite things to watch so far?

On a completely unrelated side note, I saw this How I Met Your Mother episode one time, and the main point of the episode was that nothing ever good happens after 2am. Now when I saw the episode I totally laughed it off and didn't really think anything of it but after a totally WEIRD experience that happened to my housemates and I (which is a long story but involved a massive fight breaking out at our house) I have to go back and think that this is kind of true. What do you all think about this?

So that's about it for tonight...back to watching more Ice Dancing!

ETA: Ok the Canadian couple who just took the does anyone else think that they weren't as good as the American team (of Davis and White) or am I just biased and totally missing something?


  1. I'm definitely with you-- love the Olympics and that HIMYM episode? Totally on point.

  2. I have to give it to the Canadians. They had much more fluid movements and they seemed more in tune with each other. Props to the US teams for silver and 4th though! I definitely think the Russians should not have been able to wear those rope costumes. Ice dancing scandal!

  3. My Mom always tells my sister and I "Nothing good happens after 2 AM"! I do think its true, while there is the occasional super fun late late night dance party, for the most part the later people stay up, the weider things get, drinking or not!

  4. I've been trying to catch the Olympics when I can, you are right there are so many great events going on! Glad you are able to catch up on them and enjoy it.

  5. I love that episode of HIMYM, and I totally think its true. After 2am I end up saying things that others were never meant to hear, its the same with blogging too.

  6. Yay Olympics! I've missed much of it but happened to tune in the other night to see the ice skaters - my favorite. It was just my luck they happened to be on!