Monday, March 1, 2010

A Fantastic Weekend!

Wow where has this week gone, and how is it already March? This past week has absolutely FLOWN by, and the fact that I had such an amazing weekend, made it go by that much quicker! This weekend I had both my sorority's Mom's Weekend, as well as a horse show, so it was completely jammed packed with activities. What made this weekend extra special too was that my Dad came just so he could see me ride on Sunday, so it was great that I got to see both of my parents who I haven't seen since Christmas! On Friday my parents took my housemates (minus our one crazy one) and I out to dinner at this delicious Italian place, and then we all went out to the bars for a little bit. Saturday, M's mom came, so we all went shopping to the outlets (I got some AMAZING things at Jcrew) and then had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Saturday night we had our mom's weekend dinner and silent auction, and then on Sunday my parents and I headed out bright and early to the horse show which was about two hours away.

It was definitely weird that this was my last show that I'll ever ride in for my college team but it was an amazing way to end the season. I had a great ride, and then my team as a whole won the show, and our major competitors got in third which made the day even better! It was definitely sad saying goodbye to my parents yesterday but I can't believe that I'm going to see them in about a month for Easter, and then shortly after that they're going to be back here for graduation...this semester is flying by WAY too fast for me!

So on a completely different note, and in honor of my spring break that I'm leaving for on Saturday I thought that I would play a game with you all. I'm going to reveal a clue each day as to where I'm going for break, and then on Friday I'll tell you all where I'm going as well as post a surprise! So without further ado here is the first clue:

Clue 1: It's in the Southern US

Hmmmmm...any guesses? Hope you all had a happy March 1st!


  1. Sounds like you had avery full weekend! Visits from parents can be so exciting! Glad you had fun!

  2. Hmm... I could say New Orleans, Panama City, Daytona, or Miami, but I think I'm going to go with Key West?

  3. I was going to guess Key West, as well!

  4. My first guess is Orlando! Glad you had a fun weekend with your parents, my mom is coming down in April and I'm really excited :)