Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Green Beer Day!

All schools have fun traditions and celebrations, and today my school is having one of my FAVORITE all time celebrations. Today is Green Beer Day, which is a long standing tradition that takes place the Thursday before spring break starts. It started because St. Patrick's Day used to fall during our spring break (it doesn't anymore) and is basically just a fun way to celebrate the start of spring break! Basically what happens is that you drink all day (not that I'm saying this is a good thing!) and all of the bars start serving at 5:30am. My friends and I have never been up that early to celebrate, so were planning on getting up at 4am to be there bright and early. I absolutely LOVE this tradition, and think that it's one of the best events during the school year. What are some traditions at your school that you love?

And here is my last spring break clue (You guys are REALLLY close!)

Clue 3: There are over 25 miles of beaches (thanks Google!)


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