Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weight Loss Thursday

Midterms are HERE (weird that they're here already) so I completely forgot to do Weight Loss Wednesday's for the past two weeks....whoops! So before getting ready for my riding practice today, I quickly weighed myself to update you all on my progress.

Past two weeks: -3.2lbs
Total: -6.7lbs

Wahoo I'm pass the 5lb mark! Which is a little bit of a surprise considering that I'm the WORST eater/starbucks coffee drinker when I'm studying for tests. Anyone out there have any good tips on what to eat? In other news it's THURSDAY....the weekend is only a day away!


  1. I've been snacking on cheese sticks and watching my carb intake. I haven't totally deprived myself of carbs, but I've been avoiding potatoes, bread, and pasta. It's working too - lost around 3 pounds last week!

    I'm like you though - I drink soooo much Starbucks when I'm studying. I did stop myself today. Well, I ordered regular coffee instead of a mocha!

  2. Great blog! I, too, am guilty of the Starbucks-while-studying habit. My university's library has one attached to it! I've been bringing almond snack packs with me. They do the trick :)