Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear DirectTv

Dear DirectTV

I know we had a rocky start but I really am trying to like you. I like that I can see the tv guide and get HBO in my room which I couldn't before with time warner. I like that the dvr space is huge and that I can control the dvr with my phone. But the fact that after ONE storm my internet/some channels go out for FOUR DAYS is something that I really can't handle. Being in an area that gets a lot of storms both in the summer and the winter I can already tell that we're going to have a long and bumpy relationship. Also you're customer service people could use a bit of work...the fact that I have to leave a message with someone to have a totally different person call me back from an unknown number just so they can say that someone might or might not be out in the next 3 days or so kinda annoys me. It also sketches me out. So please DirectTv get your act together before I'm forced to move out of the apartment that I love just so that I can get decent internet and cable (I'm only half kidding about this.)



  1. Too funny - we hate directTv too!! Their "customer service" is awful - it got so bad that I reported them to BBB and finally a manager called me back. We also have the same issue with storms. We get lots of snow storms - perfect for sitting inside catching up on TV - nope, not with DirectTV! We're just biding our time so we can go back to cable!

  2. My biggest bone to pick was that in order to talk to someone/schedule a service call, it was like $50! Ridiculous!