Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's JUNE!!

Wow how did it get to be the beginning of June ALREADY? I can't believe that I've been out of school for a month and I'm moving TOMORROW. This year is already going by WAY too fast for me. For some reason out of all of the summer months I think June is my favorite mainly because it's the very beginning of summer and the weather's still (somewhat) cool. Right after the 4th of July I usually get sick of the hot weather and just want fall to come! This month I have a TON of fun things happening, the biggest being my move and the start of my new job on Monday. Then in two weeks I'm going to Cedar point with my great-grand big and to her lake house for the weekend. I LOVE amusement parks and Cedar point is the best so it will be a great weekend!

My Memorial Day weekend was fantastic and included a lot of laying out, grilling out, and hanging out with family and friends. I also saw Sex and the City 2 not once but twice, with my best friend C on Friday, and then with my mom and a family friend on Saturday. Although I liked the movie A LOT more when I saw it the second time I still wasn't completely impressed and thought the first one was a lot better. I loved the first 45 minutes of the movie but thought that it kind of fell apart when they went on vacation. Also, Carrie annoyed me through most of the movie and I found myself liking Miranda a lot more, which is weird because I couldn't stand Miranda through most of the show and Carrie (along with Charlotte) was always my favorite. I still had an amazing time both times I saw it and would still recommend it!

Given that today is my last day home, and I'm sitting on my couch writing this/ re-watching the finale of Gossip Girl instead of doing the 8 million things I need to get done I think I'm going to end it here. I'm off to run a ton of boring errands and pack but I hope that you all have a much better day!


  1. I completely agree with your assessment of SATC2. I felt so guilty saying I didn't like it. I think it had the typical sequel letdown. I'm kinding of hoping this is the last one...

  2. I liked satc2, but agree the first one was better. wish it was set in the city!

  3. I agree- the show and the first movie were much better. I think they pushed it too far this time and I thought some of the scenes in AD were just odd. Them dressed in the black outfits- forget what they are called but they cover everything but eyes and hands- was goofy and bad acting. I would rather see them in NY or even in the Hamptons or another NE holiday town.

  4. I just loved reading your blog, and the music too. Thank you for letting me visit.

  5. Great post :) Your blog is fun. Sounds like you have been having fun so far this summer!

  6. Happy June to you!

    Ok, so I've got to know. Did you cry at the end of the Gossip Girl finale? Because I did!!!!