Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Because I've been mia from the blog world for such a long time I probably owe you all an explanation of what I've been up to. Since my last real post (not inluding Monday's) I've moved to Cleveland, moved in with my roommate, and started my new job. The move went pretty well, except for one small issue (which contributed to my absence)... our apartment didn't have internet for TWO weeks. Let's just say that the service people at Direct TV and I went through a very LONG rough patch but it all worked out eventually. I never realized how much I depended on the internet until I didn't have it for a while...hmmmm maybe that's something that I should work on!

I absolutely LOVE my new's pretty big (for a first aparment at least) and I have my own bedroom and bathroom which is great. The location is fantastic and my office recently moved downtown so I can walk to work now. I'm also loving living with my new roomie S even though she and I are the total and complete opposites. Like literally everything I like, she usually doesn't and vice versa. But weirdly enough we get along REALLY well and I absolutely love living with her. She's a ton of fun to go out with and it's great having an automatic friend in a city where neither one of us know that many people.

And now last but not least...I love my job! I'm doing a bunch of different things right now but I'm learning a ton, and I'm starting to understand everything that's being taught to me which is even better haha. The people in my office are fantastic but in the beginning I was definitely having flashbacks to freshman year of college...I hate being the new kid. I'm starting to get to know more people in the office though, and everyone has been amazing in helping my transition go relatively smoothly. So there you go...that's been my life for the past couple weeks. Now that everything's slowing back down look for more posts, and more comments from me. Have a great Thursday night!


  1. Looks like things are going amazingly - yay! Welcome Back!

  2. glad you are settled in at your new place. thats so awesome you can walk to work! so jealous of that. hope you have a great weekend

  3. Thats amazing how well things are going! Its great!

    Welcome back!

  4. Congrats on all the wonderful new happenings!

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