Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just For Fun

I don't often talk about politics on here (in fact I think this is the first time I'm bringing it up ha!) because I've always believed that you should never talk about politics, money, or religion, except with family or extremely close friends...and then I'm all for it. Still (and I promise there is a fun conclusion at the end of this) I am going to bring up a political issue right now because I saw something funny last night on The Daily Show, and thought I would share it!

To preface this clip slightly...I still need to educate myself more on health care, so I can speak more intelligently on the issue, however, I do believe that we need a reform of health care in this country. While I'm not against the idea of a government run health care program, I do believe that with the amount of job losses, now is not the best time to be increasing taxes. I also am all for politicians to simplify (not dumb them down) issues and present them in a fun way...however I think this senator missed the mark just a little bit. BAHHHH ok I tried for 20 min to embed the clip but the Comedy Central website hates me, and I can't find it on youtube, so if you're interested in checking out the clip you can watch it here.

Again, I really don't want to offend anyone on here, but I think that with all of the serious issues, it's ok to have fun with politics, and regardless of your party affiliation, be able to laugh! Also, it's fun to shake up things every once in awhile over here at A Boston Belle! Alright enough with that... just finished Jillian, so I'm off to have lunch, lay out in my backyard, and continue reading The Rope Walk, which is good but I still don't know if I love it even though I'm more than half way done.


  1. Since you brought it up and I don't want to offend anyone either, I can't resist saying my two cents.

    I just heard that with government run healthcare, that government would have access to everyone's health records whereas now, private insurance companies and hospitals have those records. They also want access to your bank account so that they can take out what you owe when you owe it. Also, because abortion is legal in the U.S., even though it's not specifically stated, it's presumed that our tax dollars would be supporting abortions. Having government run health care would intrude more into your life than you probably ever thought it would.
    Don't even get me started on the cost. But you're right there. This country can't afford the costs financially and the costs to our freedoms.

  2. We do need to reform health care system but honestly until there is more info I don't know if government can really say they are qualify to do this. as it is Californis is eyeball in debt so need i say more. all i know is, costs need to come down and care needs to be more affordable but who and how are issues we need to resolve.

  3. i'm not a believer in the government's ability to do what is 'best' for us:) but that's just my 2 cents, since this whole socialized healthcare thing has not worked in any other country.

    on a more fun note! hi, thanks for stopping by the blog and so fun to read yours:)xo