Monday, August 17, 2009


Is it a problem it I leave for school in less than 24 hours and I haven't really started packing yet? This weekend was SO much fun, and I did get a lot of things done for going back to school (ie shopping haha) but packing wasn't really one of them. Friday I didn't really do much but on Saturday my dad and I had our annual back to school shopping trip that we've been taking together since I was little. Yes, I may be a little too old to do back to school shopping with my dad, but I love spending time together, and on top of that I got some really cute things (especially the Jcrew Ikat skirt which is ON SALE...WOO!) Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over for a cookout and yesterday my family and I went to Rockport which was SO pretty! So lots of fun this weekend but sadly no packing was done which means that it will be a LATE night!

Today my mom and I have been running last minute errands, and on top of everything else, I have to go to AT&T to get my phone fixed because it chose today of all days to break on me (typical.) So that's going to be it for me today (and probably the next couple days) but I hope you all had a GREAT weekend, and I would like to leave you all with this gem from Grease 2 (you all know how much I love that haha.)

Don't you wish that every school year could start with singing and dancing?


  1. Fun weekends are so worth last minute packing jobs. :)

  2. I waited until the last minute to pack my things as well, but it is because I hate packing so I figured that if I just put it off it would go away.

  3. I packed out of sheer boredom so I was ready to role when the day came! I love Back to School shopping too. But the way mine works is dad gives me money and I go about my merry way. :)

  4. How can one go back to school without pulling an all-nighter to pack:)

  5. I think every day should start off with singing and dancing. In fact, I might try it tomorrow morning.

  6. Head over to my blog missy, something is waiting for you!